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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yabalagahigiyamo Haimamohairura ;D *refer post below.

MBLAQ's Oh Yeah MV

Mir - 미르 (Bang Chul Yeong) & Lee Joon - 준


Three exams down, one more to go. I'm gonna be alone for half a schoolday tomorrow 'cause a certain someone is going to Taiwan and therefore needs to take the Pen. Sivik exam before recess, then she's going home to get ready for the flight D:
i'm gonna stalk you for the answers, Xi Men kekeke

I don't wanna paint murals without a friend to yell at and joke with ):

Had Art exam today. I actually managed to finish my painting of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone cover in time. *pats self on back*

Less than fifteen classmates came today. If you minus the prefects who didn't take the exam because of the preparations for the prefects' farewell, only nine of us sat for the exam D: I have a feeling tomorrow's attendance is going to deteriorate further.

p.s. Eh, my dear jakun paedo Xi Men, please bring back a souvenir for me from the toilet-themed restaurant :D i want one of those mini toilet bowls wth :x

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