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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aku sangat emo sekarang.

Just came back from the NSCFL Camp '09 and I'm feeling bored and unhappy.

I miss all the times we ate together at mealtimes.
I miss the food we ate although it was average.
I miss going to the toilets early in the morning and bathing with ice cold water.
I miss hearing Sieh Jin shout 'RISE & SHINE' every morning.
I miss doing Quiet Time and sharing stories with my teammates.
I miss praising, worshiping and praying to God.
I miss listening to all the speakers talk about the subject they are passionate about.
I miss playing games and wandering about during our free time.
I miss sleeping in a room with my two roommates.
I miss the camp officers.
I miss Team Jephthah :(

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