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Friday, January 08, 2010


random camwhore.

2010 is the year I got an unbelievably bad stroke of luck.


I got a call from Xi Men in the morning, informing me that my name and Kay-E's wasn't on ANY of the name lists for Form 4 classes.

I was angry at myself and depressed.


'Cause I didn't know that the form for the Form 4 streaming was to be given back to the teacher on the PMR results collection day.

I admit I was ignorant.

It wasn't entirely my fault, mind you. Apparently my class teacher told everybody who collected their results to return the form on the spot, EXCEPT FOR ME, KAY-E AND NIKLAUS. Jo and Vindhya weren't told either, but luckily they found out before going out to Times Square with Kay-E for their celebratory outing.

So there I was, on New Year's day, peeved off and skipping lunch (something I rarely do, due to my eating machine characteristic wth). fml.


Went to school, got placed in Gamma.

I hardly knew my new classmates, except for Kay-E, who ended up with the same misfortune. By this time, I had accepted and was resigned to whatever class I was placed in, as I knew I had to bear the consequences of my own mistake.

Such mature thinking for someone as childish as me, eh?

My Mom stayed by me and helped me through my rough period. She rooted for me and gave bucketloads of moral support. I love you, Mummy

Decided that I would work hard no matter what class I was in, 'cause I was sure many people would tell me, "It's still Pure Science class what!"


Badminton AGM. The classroom was SUPER PACKED. The teachers estimated the members at the grand amount of 300+.

I was excited, to be able to return to playing badminton. I missed playing with the guys, venting my pent-up energy and feeling the soreness in my right arm and the twinge in my ankles.

Volunteered for AJK Board. I became the leader of the three musketeers AJK Board trio due to my ke-senior-an (I feel old now T^T). If you're reading this, Derrick, I'm sorry if my work on the board turned out sloppy and weird :(


Cooke house AGM. Lazed around in the Bilik Seni for 1 hour and 20 minutes with Xi Men.

Met up in the canteen after school to discuss the board layout and stuff with the rest of the committee.


Renjer Puteri AGM. A lot of new members due to the abolishment of choir and orchestra.


Science & Mathematics AGM. Quit Christian Union after two years due to some problems. Ivy, stay strong in C.U., okay? ;) Rejoined Science & Mathematics. I quit in Form One because the society was mostly boring and dead.

Surprisingly, I got voted as the treasurer :D

The Form 4 classes were re-streamed, so now I'm in Beta. I don't know whether to be happy or annoyed, as I have already gotten all my things ready for the subjects in Gamma and now have to re-do everything for Beta. Rawr.

Ciao, will try to restart Project 365 ASAP.

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