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Monday, February 08, 2010

말도없이 사랑을 알게 하고 ♥

Currently listening to: Park Shin Hye - Without Words (You're Beautiful OST)

Short update because I cannot tahan my blog dying slowly like this ;________;

I'm currently watching You're Beautiful :D and zomg, it's rather similar to BOF.

Ini dramanya :D

Jeremy and Shin Woo (played by Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa respectively) are soooo adorable *squeeeeee*

Sorry, I need a moment.


ANYWAY. Just a teeny complaint. K-Dramas are getting VERY clichéd :/ I feel like the same old plot is being recycled over and over again. *cue rant* The girl always falls for the guy who treats her like crap, instead of the nice guy -.-

Example, BOF and You're Beautiful. But they're still addictive 'cause I think it's every girl's dream to fall in love, fairytale-style. Apart from the fact that they have rather good-looking actors :x

And I just found out that Park Shin Hye can actually sing! And not too badly either. All this while I thought she was only an actress.

Xi Men : She doesn't resemble the Park Shin Hye in Taegoon's Call Me MV ._.

Personally, I prefer her image in You're Beautiful. I now have an urge to cut my hair boy-style :o

Moving on! Project 365 has been nixed once again because Form 4 is a hectic year and I'm dying from the combination of titanic amounts of homework given by the Alpha teachers, tuition homework and my music work. However, I'll still be taking plenty of random photos in my free time so rest assured, this blog won't be bare and devoid of colour.

*cough* Shin Woo is such a stalker :p


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