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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cooking Mama! Not.

I had this packet of Kraft's Easy Mac which was sitting in the kitchen, wasting away. So, I was hungry one lazy afternoon and finally cooked/microwaved it :D

Nah, random cooking-related post. Sorry, my watermarks went psycho, but I'm too lazy to undo the save, correct and resave it ._.

Packaging. I cut off the top part before I remembered to take a photo D:

This is the back part. Instructions, ingredients, nutritional content etc.

The macaroni inside! Looks decent enough.

Package which contains the cheese powder.

I poured out the macaroni into a soup cup.

Poured some water in. About 1/2 to 3/4 of the cup, I think.

Popped it into the microwave.

*cough* Here's where things started to go wrong. After microwaving it for 4 minutes, the water level was like 1/8 of the cup volume ;__; So, I suggest microwaving it for only 2+ minutes.


The cheese powder! It smelt and looks a little weird, but it hasn't expired so I thought it was normal.

Stirred the cheese powder in and left it for a while to let it thicken.

End product.

It tasted okay, but there's something a bit off with the cheese sauce. Maybe I'm too picky :/

whee~! ;D

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