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Thursday, June 24, 2010

They call me freedom.

Currently listening to : Wavin' Flag (Celebration Remix - FIFA World Cup 2010 Anthem) by K'Naan.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Did everyone see the awesome Portugal vs. North Korea match? :D The score was an awesome 7-0. I was cheering like a madwoman when Portugal scored the goals ^^

School has restarted, and the first week has been stressful, what with all the returned exam papers and school projects ;_; It makes me want to turn back time to my two-week school break, haha.

Toodles! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tales of Miniature Food.

Currently listening to: Love by C.N. Blue

Boring day so far, I'm still embroiled in my Moral mess. I have to complete the editing for my Chemistry work and attempt to finish up my Accounts work.

Surfed the Net for a while and found these insanely cute videos:

It's some sort of Japanese chemical toy thingy called Konapun, which makes awesome food. However, the product is inedible ;_;

Can someone get this for me, please? I think it's only available in Japan :D

This is making me insanely hungry. Which reminds me, it's lunch time.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I just haven't met you yet.

Currently listening to : Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble

Just because I want to rub it in Kim's face ;D

LOOK! IT'S YAU MAK!! ;D *evil laugh*

Don't call my name, don't call my name.

Currently listening to : Alejandro by Lady Gaga.

I bet everyone has seen the new Alejandro music video by Lady Gaga.

Just in case you haven't, here's the video :

WTH at the bondage + S&M theme. I love the song and the dance, but the scenes of men in bondage costumes are kinda disturbing. Lady Gaga's lace monocle thingy is fascinating :>

Frankly, at the moment I'm really bored. I finished watching the Dead Poets Society on Youtube and am currently trying to finish up the work for Moral.

Took some photos recently, so here they are.

Fake bangs. Mom will never allow me to get bangs, as they will make my forehead break out :(
(FYI, I combed my hair until it became like this, I didn't buy a hairpiece la :D)

FIFA World Cup Fever! Btw, I'm supporting South Korea :D

Byeeeee~ ♥

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whenever you knock me to the ground, I will not stay on the ground.

Currently listening to : Never Say Never by Justin Bieber feat. Jaden Smith


Watched The Karate Kid, went bowling and shopping with Kim ♥.

This movie is epic. Jaden Smith is seriously cute. I'm still trying to figure out the age of Han Wenwen, the actress who plays Mei Ying in the movie. She looks so thin and coltish, but her face is kinda matured :0

Anyway, I recommend everyone to watch this! :D

We arrived at Times Square at about 11am, Kim was feeling hungry so I accompanied him to Old Town White Coffee. The service there sucks :<
Kim's Honey Lemon drink.

His Nasi Lemak Special

My Blackcurrant smoothie.

Blackcurrant smoothie was a tad too sweet, honey lemon apparently tasted like water with lemon and the nasi lemak's chicken was dry. Yuck ><

I don't know what drugs he took but he's getting really good in bowling...

... whereas I completely phail in bowling x.x


I switched places with him around the 5th game, so that's why my score is higher :D See those strikes? It's his -_-

Okay, end of post.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So whatchu gonna do?

Currently listening to : Cabi Song by SNSD & 2PM.

It's the holidays again.

Is it just me or time is passing so fast? With another blink of the eye, it's gonna be the end of 2010 soon :<

To-do list:
  • crappy school and tuition homework.
  • clean my wardrobe.
  • finish my all my new storybooks.
  • get rid of unwanted items.
  • re-download The Sims 3 'cause I deleted it the other time in a fit of over-enthusiastic desktop-cleaning :s
  • outings.
  • bug the boyf.
  • snap more photos and restart Project 365 ><
  • perm hair :x
  • finish learning how to do the BONAMANA dance.
  • Well, at least 1 of the above things have been accomplished :/

    Ta-da! I can has a new hairstyle :D

    Say bye bye to my long and straight hair...

    ... and hi to my new curly hair :D

    k, I'm bored now :(