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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So whatchu gonna do?

Currently listening to : Cabi Song by SNSD & 2PM.

It's the holidays again.

Is it just me or time is passing so fast? With another blink of the eye, it's gonna be the end of 2010 soon :<

To-do list:
  • crappy school and tuition homework.
  • clean my wardrobe.
  • finish my all my new storybooks.
  • get rid of unwanted items.
  • re-download The Sims 3 'cause I deleted it the other time in a fit of over-enthusiastic desktop-cleaning :s
  • outings.
  • bug the boyf.
  • snap more photos and restart Project 365 ><
  • perm hair :x
  • finish learning how to do the BONAMANA dance.
  • Well, at least 1 of the above things have been accomplished :/

    Ta-da! I can has a new hairstyle :D

    Say bye bye to my long and straight hair...

    ... and hi to my new curly hair :D

    k, I'm bored now :(

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