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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whenever you knock me to the ground, I will not stay on the ground.

Currently listening to : Never Say Never by Justin Bieber feat. Jaden Smith


Watched The Karate Kid, went bowling and shopping with Kim ♥.

This movie is epic. Jaden Smith is seriously cute. I'm still trying to figure out the age of Han Wenwen, the actress who plays Mei Ying in the movie. She looks so thin and coltish, but her face is kinda matured :0

Anyway, I recommend everyone to watch this! :D

We arrived at Times Square at about 11am, Kim was feeling hungry so I accompanied him to Old Town White Coffee. The service there sucks :<
Kim's Honey Lemon drink.

His Nasi Lemak Special

My Blackcurrant smoothie.

Blackcurrant smoothie was a tad too sweet, honey lemon apparently tasted like water with lemon and the nasi lemak's chicken was dry. Yuck ><

I don't know what drugs he took but he's getting really good in bowling...

... whereas I completely phail in bowling x.x


I switched places with him around the 5th game, so that's why my score is higher :D See those strikes? It's his -_-

Okay, end of post.

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