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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Currently listening to : Spotlight (Twilight Mix) by Mutemath.

Watched Eclipse and Despicable Me yesterday with Kim and Priya.

Eclipse wasn't too bad, it was better than New Moon, IMO. Jacob's buff body in New Moon is a little toned down now and Bella looks prettier.

I've been listening to the Eclipse soundtrack, and honestly, it's not as upbeat as the soundtracks of the previous installments of The Twilight Saga.
I rather like Cee Lo Green's "Which Part of Forever"and UNKLE's "With You in My Head" ft. Black Angels, though.

This was adorable. I'm (nearly) sixteen, but I never get tired of animations :D I love the whole movie. Criminal-turned-hero, Gru :)

Agnes, the CUTEST kid ever

Adorable minions :)

Phew, done with this post.
I have to go finish my carta Sivik now ;(

Toodles~ ♥