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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Currently listening to : Creating Love by 4Minute

Random convo with Xi Men while doing Accounts just now.

I was *supposed* to be finishing my Buku Catatan Pertama stuff, but I somehow got distracted by Facebook ><
Me Xi Men

Is it just me, or are we very old-fashioned?
Our Form 2s are wearing sleeveless tops and tubes. And look at us T_T
It's not called old-fashioned... It's called...
We don't reveal our flesh too much, because if we do... our skin will sparkle. Then people will find out that we are Edward Cullen.

Conclusion : Conservative people like yours truly and the great Xi Men's flesh sparkle when revealed (WTH). Just don't ask us to reveal without preparation; we need to apply body glitter to blind you first ;)


*dies of laughter*
P.S. This post is not an attempt to offend any Team Edward / Twilight fans :)

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