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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One of those rare emo moments.

Currently listening to : 주먹을 꽉 쥐고 (Clenching a tight fist) by BEAST

I know I've been listening to BEAST a lot and fangirl-ing (I'm not sure if that's a word), but bear with me.

This song is so freaking emo that my mood is now affected as well -_-"

Holidays are so boring, and I'm sick of staying at home all day.
I can't wait for Xi Men to be released from her house arrest sentence so that I can bombard her and make her feel like strangling me.

Aaaaaaa, I have to stop replaying this darn song and prevent myself from melting into a puddle of salt water ;___;

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I love you you you you you you you~

Currently listening to : V.I.U. by BEAST

So, today was D-Day.
I got up at 7 am, got ready and went to Kelana Jaya for my Fundamentals exam.
I reported myself and sat on the bench, my stomach wasn't just filled with butterflies, it had all sorts of other insects as well.
At 9.50 am, I was called into the room.
I was finished in what felt like 10 minutes.
Thank God the examiners were pleasant and didn't flinch at my horrible singing.
At 12.40 pm, I sat for aural and my theory paper.
My stomach was rumbling like a mini thunderstorm, 'cause I only ate a tiny muffin at 8 am.
Was finished by 1.50 pm.

So, the review of the exam :

Melody Singing & Melody Singing with Accompaniment.
I definitely failed this part, so there's no point trying to reassure me.
But I don't feel anything, because according to my teacher, about 90% of students fail this segment.
I went off-pitch and my voice sort of blacked out.

I'm very sure I passed this :D

I'm also sure I passed this, but my timing was a little off.

Theory & Chord Progression.
Fairly easy, I'm shocked I could do the modulation question without a hitch.
All those hours of studying theory a week before the exam paid off.

Pretty alright, there's nothing to say about it.

I AM SO DAMN RELIEVED IT'S OVER. Finally, I can lounge around the house with no worries on my mind. I'll probably be taking the make-up exam for whichever segments I failed, in March next year, but whatever.

By the way, has everyone seen this parody of Like A G6 (BEAST Parody)?

So catchy.


Friday, November 19, 2010

On and on and on.

Currently listening to : Lights go on again by BEAST

LOL at the end.

I have two more days to my electone exam.
I am so dead x_x

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

U, my beautiful.

Currently listening to : Beautiful by BEAST

Damn, Jun Hyung is hawt ♥

Okay, I'm addicted to everything BEAST now.

I swear that this will be one of the best 7 minutes of your life. (well, only if you're a kpop fan)

I can't wait for the second part.

Goodbye, Form 4.

Currently listening to : Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom by Co-Ed School

Joke of the day:
PnJuliana Me
... consists of amphibious plant blablabla...
Do amphibious plants have lungs?

and Xi Men, Jo and I proceeded to draw our possible models of amphibious plants, which were plants with lungs :x

We had our class party today, and most of our class teachers came to grab some food. Had Dominoes, Secret Recipe cake and loads of carbonated drinks and junk food. I feel so bloated now D: I can't update about the party now though, 'cause no one has uploaded the photos on Facebook.

So, today marks the end of the 2010 school session :D
I've still got homework and Ed Board assignments to do though :(
Oh, and I have to study for next year's Form 5 syllabus.
My Grade 5 electone exam is on this Sunday, so I'll be concentrating on my music for one week.
Wish me luck.

Plus, I'll be jet-setting off to Hong Kong and Macau in December. Yay, cheap shopping!
I'll try to bring back Portuguese Egg Tarts for you, Xi Men XD

Okay, gotta go practise my music now.

p.s. Oh, I got a Tumblr account. I won't be deserting my blog, don't worry. Visit my Tumblr HERE. Please follow me! :)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Baby, you're a firework.

Currently listening to : Firework by Katy Perry.

I am so freakin' addicted to Katy Perry's new song.
I love the part where she shoots out fireworks from her chest 8D
And no, not in the perverted sense -_-

I've been wasting the whole day with Polyvore :D
I am addicted x.x

Okay, bye, I'll update tomorrow.

Monday, November 08, 2010

But darlin', you are the only exception.

Currently listening to : Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Got two of my Science papers back, and boy, the marks aren't pretty :I
I think this is probably the first time I got so many B's :(
*depressed mode*
I'm praying that my Add. Maths paper gets at least an A. *ohm*

Sunday, November 07, 2010

I might get your heart racing, in my skin-tight jeans.

Currently listening to : The Only Exception by Paramore

Can't wait for Episode 6 of Glee

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy 5th anniversary, SuJu! ☺

Yay! :D
Although Kangin has gone to the military, Hangeng has dropped out and Kibum is busy acting, they're still Super Junior and my 2nd favourite Korean boy group, sharing the spot with 2PM, and after SS501.

Happy 5th anniversary, Super Junior!
Here's to yet another year of success in the K-Pop world :)

Uniqlo Opening at Fahrenheit 88.

Currently listening to : Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

Hey, guys! How was your Deepavali holidays? :)

I went for the Uniqlo opening on the 4th with Kim and Xi Men (and her mom). I was supposed to pick up Kim and get to Fahrenheit 88 by 9.30am, latest, but my mom set the whole plan back by about twenty minutes, 'cause of "female stuff" (i.e. applying make-up and dressing).

Thank God Xi Men took a place for me, although that's against the rules. Saw Terry there, but not Tracie as she went off to the toilet with her aunties. There were about 4 000 people in the queue, making the ENTIRE ground floor a huge crowded space, from the front to the back of the mall. As if that wasn't enough, there is another long queue from the entrance of Fahrenheit itself to the main entrance of Uniqlo :I

Pictures of the day :

Freakin' long queue.

Blur Kim.

Check out the dude who dressed up like Barney! :D

Finally reached here after like 2 and a half hours ._.

Noctis was here. - Xi Men

Son Daughter, I am disappoint.


Whoo~ sexy legs! ;P

Orlando Bloom looked like a ghost D;

Hawt mannequins.

I wonder what Xi Men was dreaming about... *snickers*

The worst thing about this whole experience was we were just standing outside the great big main entrance when they finished giving out their free tote bags :( So near, yet so far.

We separated ways when we got into the shop. Managed to buy two tees and Kim bought one tee. I'm so glad I played the Go Uniqlo game and got RM 240 worth of RM 20 vouchers :D The UTees were reduced to RM 29.90, and with my voucher, it was only RM 9.90 :D

I didn't really like the Disney and other anime-themed tees, so I didn't buy much. Plus, it felt like the female section had less choices compared to the male section :(

Kim and I walked over to Pavilion after shopping and had our lunch at Food Republic. After that, we shopped a bit and watched Life as We Know It. I rate it a 3/5. It was sweet, but as predictable as all the other rom-coms.

He likes to act macho.

My loot for the day :

Next day, went to Uniqlo again with Mom. We had to line up for about 45 minutes, which was a breeze compared to Thursday :( I finished up the remaining of the Uniqlo vouchers too, and now I have a heap of clothes in my wardrobe ;D


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Morning, world.

Currently listening to : Breathe by Miss A.

Mameshiba is the best. thing. EVER.

"Oh My God." XD

P.S. It's Heo Young Saeng's 24th birthday today! :) Saeng il chukai hamnida, oppa~

Awwww :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Why my life rocks now.

Currently listening to : Shut Up! by U-KISS

AAAAAAAAAA FINALS ARE OVER! I can breathe easy now :D
School's off for three days in conjunction with the Deepavali holidays, so hello to outings and movies!
But finals being over means one thing: Form 5 is only two months away ;_;

Okay, I did some photography while away from blogging so ta-da! Megapixels of snapshots which aren't really useful.

Soft ballet slippers from Bloch, pointe shoes from Freed.

I kinda miss dancing ballet :I

I want a DSLR and photoshop :( I'm currently relying heavily on Picnik, Picasa and Photoscape.

Since it's the (sorta) holidays for me now, I'll be updating this webpage often with my usual spewing of crap and photos, as well as doing some renovation on this blog (again, 'cause I'm so fickle-minded).