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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Goodbye, Form 4.

Currently listening to : Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom by Co-Ed School

Joke of the day:
PnJuliana Me
... consists of amphibious plant blablabla...
Do amphibious plants have lungs?

and Xi Men, Jo and I proceeded to draw our possible models of amphibious plants, which were plants with lungs :x

We had our class party today, and most of our class teachers came to grab some food. Had Dominoes, Secret Recipe cake and loads of carbonated drinks and junk food. I feel so bloated now D: I can't update about the party now though, 'cause no one has uploaded the photos on Facebook.

So, today marks the end of the 2010 school session :D
I've still got homework and Ed Board assignments to do though :(
Oh, and I have to study for next year's Form 5 syllabus.
My Grade 5 electone exam is on this Sunday, so I'll be concentrating on my music for one week.
Wish me luck.

Plus, I'll be jet-setting off to Hong Kong and Macau in December. Yay, cheap shopping!
I'll try to bring back Portuguese Egg Tarts for you, Xi Men XD

Okay, gotta go practise my music now.

p.s. Oh, I got a Tumblr account. I won't be deserting my blog, don't worry. Visit my Tumblr HERE. Please follow me! :)

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