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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I love you you you you you you you~

Currently listening to : V.I.U. by BEAST

So, today was D-Day.
I got up at 7 am, got ready and went to Kelana Jaya for my Fundamentals exam.
I reported myself and sat on the bench, my stomach wasn't just filled with butterflies, it had all sorts of other insects as well.
At 9.50 am, I was called into the room.
I was finished in what felt like 10 minutes.
Thank God the examiners were pleasant and didn't flinch at my horrible singing.
At 12.40 pm, I sat for aural and my theory paper.
My stomach was rumbling like a mini thunderstorm, 'cause I only ate a tiny muffin at 8 am.
Was finished by 1.50 pm.

So, the review of the exam :

Melody Singing & Melody Singing with Accompaniment.
I definitely failed this part, so there's no point trying to reassure me.
But I don't feel anything, because according to my teacher, about 90% of students fail this segment.
I went off-pitch and my voice sort of blacked out.

I'm very sure I passed this :D

I'm also sure I passed this, but my timing was a little off.

Theory & Chord Progression.
Fairly easy, I'm shocked I could do the modulation question without a hitch.
All those hours of studying theory a week before the exam paid off.

Pretty alright, there's nothing to say about it.

I AM SO DAMN RELIEVED IT'S OVER. Finally, I can lounge around the house with no worries on my mind. I'll probably be taking the make-up exam for whichever segments I failed, in March next year, but whatever.

By the way, has everyone seen this parody of Like A G6 (BEAST Parody)?

So catchy.


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