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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Uniqlo Opening at Fahrenheit 88.

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Hey, guys! How was your Deepavali holidays? :)

I went for the Uniqlo opening on the 4th with Kim and Xi Men (and her mom). I was supposed to pick up Kim and get to Fahrenheit 88 by 9.30am, latest, but my mom set the whole plan back by about twenty minutes, 'cause of "female stuff" (i.e. applying make-up and dressing).

Thank God Xi Men took a place for me, although that's against the rules. Saw Terry there, but not Tracie as she went off to the toilet with her aunties. There were about 4 000 people in the queue, making the ENTIRE ground floor a huge crowded space, from the front to the back of the mall. As if that wasn't enough, there is another long queue from the entrance of Fahrenheit itself to the main entrance of Uniqlo :I

Pictures of the day :

Freakin' long queue.

Blur Kim.

Check out the dude who dressed up like Barney! :D

Finally reached here after like 2 and a half hours ._.

Noctis was here. - Xi Men

Son Daughter, I am disappoint.


Whoo~ sexy legs! ;P

Orlando Bloom looked like a ghost D;

Hawt mannequins.

I wonder what Xi Men was dreaming about... *snickers*

The worst thing about this whole experience was we were just standing outside the great big main entrance when they finished giving out their free tote bags :( So near, yet so far.

We separated ways when we got into the shop. Managed to buy two tees and Kim bought one tee. I'm so glad I played the Go Uniqlo game and got RM 240 worth of RM 20 vouchers :D The UTees were reduced to RM 29.90, and with my voucher, it was only RM 9.90 :D

I didn't really like the Disney and other anime-themed tees, so I didn't buy much. Plus, it felt like the female section had less choices compared to the male section :(

Kim and I walked over to Pavilion after shopping and had our lunch at Food Republic. After that, we shopped a bit and watched Life as We Know It. I rate it a 3/5. It was sweet, but as predictable as all the other rom-coms.

He likes to act macho.

My loot for the day :

Next day, went to Uniqlo again with Mom. We had to line up for about 45 minutes, which was a breeze compared to Thursday :( I finished up the remaining of the Uniqlo vouchers too, and now I have a heap of clothes in my wardrobe ;D


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