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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Why my life rocks now.

Currently listening to : Shut Up! by U-KISS

AAAAAAAAAA FINALS ARE OVER! I can breathe easy now :D
School's off for three days in conjunction with the Deepavali holidays, so hello to outings and movies!
But finals being over means one thing: Form 5 is only two months away ;_;

Okay, I did some photography while away from blogging so ta-da! Megapixels of snapshots which aren't really useful.

Soft ballet slippers from Bloch, pointe shoes from Freed.

I kinda miss dancing ballet :I

I want a DSLR and photoshop :( I'm currently relying heavily on Picnik, Picasa and Photoscape.

Since it's the (sorta) holidays for me now, I'll be updating this webpage often with my usual spewing of crap and photos, as well as doing some renovation on this blog (again, 'cause I'm so fickle-minded).


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