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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Currently listening to: Friend's Graduation by F.Cuz

Why are the holidays zooming past so fast like the cars on the Autobahn in Germany?? :o

Whenever it's the good times, time flies like it's on crack. *gloomy*

I'm trying to cram in as much work as I can do while packing for the HK trip.
I finished watching the latest episode of MSOAN, and read the recaps for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, 'cause the video links were broken.

Snapshots of my week.
(actually, more like photos of crap, since I've been cooped up at home for these past seven days, except for the days I have tuition.)

Got myself a new pencil case :D

My dad called this a 'burung kakak tua' (parrot). LOL. It's actually 'burung hantu' (owl).

Got my blue contacts from FreshLook :D

Yeah, I wanna look like a 'guai lou' (Caucasian).

Empty luggage bag, which I am currently having a headache packing.

Aaaaaand I leave you with this :

(via chelseaadaire)


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