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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poppin' Dragon.

When you read this, I won't be in Malaysia any more, but in HK. (hopefully, having a blast)

This scheduled post is for Jun Hyung / Jae Soon oppa ;D

Happy 21st birthday, Joker oppa~
생일 축하합니다.

All pics from Tumblr, Jun Hyung's Twitter and other random sites.

My favourite quotes from a-dork-able Jun Hyung ;

Junhyung: "I'm Mommy."
Doojoon: "And I'm Daddy. *Looks to Junhyung* Hello my love/wife."

Person to kid: Is this hyung good looking? *referring to Junhyung*
*kid shakes head*
Junhyung: "I know it too."
- Junhyung and unknown - B2ST Almighty Ep. 7

Yoseob : "Why are you still wearing shades at home?"
Junhyung : "Serious night blindness..."
- Yoseob to Junhyung - B2ST Almighty Ep. 8

Quotes credit to : B2ST Rising


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