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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chocolate-making Workshop.

Date : 20th January 2010 (Thaipusam)
Venue : Pandu Puteri Headquarters, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

Gathered at the school gate at 8.15am. Took Dalina's car with Kam to the headquarters. We broke off into groups of eight, and sat for the workshop conducted by Puan Asma.

Puan Asma, demonstrating the way to melt milk chocolate compound.

After the demonstration, we divided ourselves into two, one section did the chocolate Oreos and the other did the choco-pops (basically chocolate on sticks). Armed with a single paintbrush and melted chocolate which was prepared beforehand for us, we started to make our Oreo biscuits covered in a thick layer of milk chocolate. We were done in about fifteen minutes, I think, and we popped the mould into the fridge.

We had to wait for our turn to use the choco-pops' mould, so we wandered around and disturbed Ivy's group. Also, a stall selling chocolates was set up, but I didn't buy any because 1) I'm not a fan of chocolate, and 2) I didn't bring any cash. Kamilia did buy some chocolates though, here's a photo of them :

Box of chocolates, priced at RM 5 each.

We took out our chocolate Oreos' mould too soon, and we couldn't get the biscuits out. In the end, one each of mine and Janice's cracked. Stuck edible stickers on them.

Then, it was our turn to do our choco-pops. This was way more fun than the Oreos because we got to fool around with coloured chocolate :D

Photo grabbed from Ivy.

Then, we got bored (again) and decided to join Ivy's group to do mini heart shaped chocolates.


Spot mine :D

The whole event ended at about, 1.10pm. We received our participation certs and our school got a prize for having the highest number of participants. Obviously, the prize was chocolates.

Group photo! :) Not complete because most of the SBU-ians went back.

So here's what I made:


Chocolate Oreos.


Front side of the mini heart-shaped chocolate.

Back side :D ♥♥♥♥



Choco-pop. My mom and her friend gobbled up the other two before I could take a photo :(

Overall, I think this was a great workshop (Y) I learnt a new skill and now my mom insists that I should put my skills to good use by making her a batch of chocolate. Heh :)


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