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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm not alone.

Currently listening to : Not Alone by Park Jung Min.

You're Beautiful.

I've survived the third week of January :D

This week, we had a new timetable and our extra classes began. My stomach doesn't agree with this new timetable, 'cause I start to get hungry about one hour before school is over ;_; I'm such a glutton.

Monday; I think we had a briefing on our SPM registration.

Tuesday; Usual. We conducted an experiment in Bio about the TSA/V ratio in different-sized potato cubes. Chung Shin's potatoes were rotten :x Had Badminton meeting after school. Teacher's threatening to kick people out if no one brings their racquets :(

Wednesday; Usual. Had Renjer Puteri meeting, copied notes for the log book.

Also, I had the shock of my life ;_;
After school, I went for tuition at Pandan Jaya as usual, and I was dreaming in the car while waiting for my teacher to turn up. Suddenly, I heard this loud thump on my window and holy cow, it was Xi Men with a demonic smile on her face. Xi Men said my eyes popped out in shock.
And she wouldn't stop laughing after that :(

Darn you, Xi Men. I'll get my revenge one day *plots*

Thursday; Thaipusam! Went for a chocolate-making workshop at the Pandu Puteri Headquarters at Brickfields. Will make another post about it.

Friday; Awesome day. Spent the whole day out of the classroom. We had Add. Maths at the Skylite (Y). And later, we went to the field for PJ. The teachers wanted us to prepare for the Merentas Desa, but we ended up playing Galah Panjang. Very fun :D

Went to the Computer Lab after recess for English. Sheng's group presented their oral, titled Volcanoes. They even did the volcano experiment! The 'lava' smelled really fruity and yummy :D
Then, we stayed in the lab for History and started stalking people on Facebook. Heh.

'Kay, gotta go. I have a heap of work taunting me in the corner of my room.

I'm ending this post with a super random pic of my crowning glory.

I just wanted to see how long my hair is :) The colours didn't come out well though, and no amount of Photoshopping could save it.

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