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Sunday, January 09, 2011

*sinks to the floor*

Currently listening to : One Two Step by Tae Goon.

This photo does a good job of showing my tiredness. Believe me, if I didn't PS this photo, you would be appalled at my dark circles :/

Hey people ^^;

Finally, the first weekend after a week long of school.

Nothing much.

Badminton Club AGM. Elected as Vice Secretary (I thought vice-posts are supposed to be for Form 4s?)

Science and Maths Club AGM. Elected as Secretary. (Lol, why do I keep getting jobs related to writing? :o)

Renjer Puteri AGM. Some idiot took my koko book. *curses* Now I have to fork out for another one. -_-"

So in one week, I already have what seems like a ton of work. I have to read Interlok and Pahlawan Buntung, do notes for Physics, Chemistry and BM, read a poem and prepare an oral presentation for English, do a piece on the school crest for Editorial Board and complete the files for Chemistry, Physics and English. Oh and did I mention that I have some exercises for Tatabahasa? :(

Anyway. Unrelated photos.

Wirework bookmark/ clip thingy.

Christmas present from Kay-E.

Our Form 5 novel, Interlok.

It's okay, so far. Except for the part where they make Cing Huat/Cina Panjang use some seriously cacat Bahasa Melayu. I can't even decipher some parts of his speech. :/

By the way, is this book seriously gonna get banned? If yes, doesn't that mean we would have to wait for yet another novel to come out and force ourselves to read it? :I urghhhh

First movie of the year 2011.

Watched Gulliver's Travels with my mom at Times Square on New Year's Day, because my dad was working. Yes, WORKING.

Camera necklace from Zhuhai.

Kay, bye. I have to get back to my never-ending pile of work.

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