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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Currently listening to : Come Back by Navi (ft. Jun Hyung of BEAST)

Hello, my dear blog readers :D

Other than my recurring gastric and indigestion problems, this week was uneventful, as usual.

Monday; I don't even remember this.

Tuesday; Science and Math Club meeting. Did logic puzzles.

Wednesday; Renjer Puteri. Copied notes again. Someone made all of us do pumping during the koko assembly. Most of us did the sujud raja pose instead :x Plus, I did something that I wanted to do an age ago :)

Thursday; Ed Board meeting. *reminder to self: send the report!* Then rushed for tuition straight after that, but it turned out that the teacher was late anyway :D

Friday; Best day in every week, because we have PJ and we get to breathe in the fresh air. Also because we have the easiest subjects on Friday. I like :)

I'm fully equipped with charcoal pills and minyak angin now, to ward off the evil bugs named indigestion and gastric :D Thanks, Mummy~

Toodles. Intervensi 1 is right after Chinese New Year. It's time to cram.

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