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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Your lipstick stains, on the front lobe of my left side brains.

Currently listening to: Hey Soul Sister by Train.

Love Yourself.

It's hard to believe that just the second week of January has passed by. It actually feels as if I've gone through the whole of January already, what with the steadily growing mountain of homework, assignments and projects. My eyebags are like, an inch thick ;_; *flails*

On the upside, I finished Interlok last Sunday, on the 9th of January 2011. The story's okay, the more interesting ones are Cing Huat's and Maniam's stories.

Anyway, here was what happened this week.

Cooke House AGM. I got force into the AJK Papan Kenyataan post, together with Xi Men, Kwai See, Rebecca and Chloe. Seriously. Worst job ever.

Usual. We pranked Rahul into smelling a potato cube that was immersed in a beaker of fluorescent pink liquid, which smelt like a cross between a fart, poop and rotten eggs.

Usual. We spent the last two periods gossiping and generally making a racket because our teacher didn't come into the class. Skipped koko, because we were preparing a performance for Puan Jasbir's farewell on Friday. We decided on Hey Soul Sister by Train, because it was her phone's ringtone and her favourite song.

We skipped like, nearly all the subjects after recess, to practice in the music room.

Didn't have a single lesson the whole day. We got permisson to practice the song and dragged along the whole 5 Sc. Alpha with us, together with the ex-4 Alpha-ians who were involved in the performance.

After our practice, Xi Men found out that she lost her shoes (lol).
Apparently, a Form One kid took her shoes (because some Form Ones were also using the music room for another performance), unknowingly. Luckily, we found the Form Ones in the hall and Xi Men ambushed the kid wearing her shoes.

The best part was, he apologised by saying "Sorry, baby." HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, the farewell was a period after the senior recess, so we practiced and fooled around for a bit before settling down in the Skylite for the arrival of Puan Jasbir, speeches and such. To be honest, during Puan Jasbir's speech I actually felt this overwhelming sense of sorrow and heatbreak. To tell the truth, she's the only teacher I've really really liked, because she taught us very well and with her heart. She even talks about random topics when our brains were gonna explode from an overdose of Add. Maths.

So, our performance was the second one, and I think we did it very well, compared to the *ahem* funeral requiem. I couldn't sing the first paragraph, as my throat was choked up with emotion.

At the end, we held up a banner with the word "WE L♥VE YOU" and got down the stage to give roses to Puan Jasbir. I think the hugs she gave us was the last straw, since some people (including me) burst into tears right there and then.

Puan Jasbir, if you ever read this, I'd like to let you know that we 4 Alpha-ians of 2010 love you to bits :)


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