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Sunday, February 06, 2011

CNY 2011.

Currently listening to: Secret That Cannot Be Told (不能说的秘密) by Jay Chou.

This is gonna be a (mostly) picture post, as I'm too lazy to elaborate at the moment.
Reunion Dinner;
Had steamboat and BBQ at my second uncle's house. Stuffed myself until I felt like a fat pig :( Then, lolled on the sofa and attempted to study History while listening to the elders talk.

Fishcakes and fishballs.

Bubbling steamboat and the hot BBQ pan which spatters oil.

Mine's the Coke, I'm a teetotaler.
Chor Yat;
Went to maternal grandma's house. As usual, on the first day of Chinese New Year, those of Cantonese descent normally eat vegetarian meals. Helped with the washing up, because I had to take evidence photos for Kerja Amal Pendidikan Moral.

I managed to stay away from New Year cookies, but indulged in a packet of peanuts :D Also, I collected my angpaus :D

Vegetarian goose meat (siew ngor).

Vegetarian food.

Wow, my arms look so manly here wth.

Chor Yee;
Same place again. Lounged on the same sofa. Ate yet another packet of peanuts. We had meat today instead of just vegetables though. Today's menu consisted of Treasure Pot (Pun Choy), steamed vegetables and chicken :) I didn't take photos of the food though, I only have vain photos of myself ;_;


Owl Chain.
The reason why I don't smile showing my teeth :(

Chor Sam;
Went to Times Square with the parents to watch this;

I totally love Kato
This is a must-watch for those who hasn't watched. Watch out for Jay's English though...

And The Green Hornet influenced me to watch...

Oh God.


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