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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Currently listening to : ALL OF THE SECRET OST SONGS :D


Okay, usual weekly update.

Monday; The Lau twins' birthday :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRA AND TERRY :D

Tuesday; I fell sick. Went to school anyway, and had a high fever but ignored Xi Men's pleas for me to please go home and rest. I lasted until 4.30, after koko activities :D

Went home, slept for three hours, woke up, took porridge and went to the doctor's. Slept at 2am.


Wednesday; Stayed at home. Woke up at 9, did homework, went for tuition. Xi Men now labels me as D-Workaholic. WTH.

Thursday; Finally went back to school. Xi Men and I were panicking over our BM Lisan, but it turned out that we were fretting over nothing, because we were the 13th group and had to do ours after the exams. Heh.

Stayed in Mom's office after school until about 5.45pm when I went for Accounts tuition, in my school uniform :D

Friday; Did English oral! Imo, it was quite successful :D

Okay, that ends my week.
Intervensi 1 is next week, so I'll probably be on hiatus until the 1st of March.
Good luck, everybody.

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