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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I got the money.

Currently listening to : VVIP by Seungri.

I LOVE THE PART AT 0:42 *spazzes*


The non-deservers.

I'm feeling rather lazy to blog x.x

Today's the first day of February, and that leaves less than 290 days to SPM.

I went for a BM seminar at Universiti Malaya for ten hours, with Xi Men and the rest. It was okay, imho. Then, went to my uncle's new house for a family dinner and got back at 12am. Also, I had my first sip of wine! It tasted really... bitter. Ew.

Monday; I went to the orthodontist and he said he'll take off the upper part of my braces during the next appointment, which is (probably) on the 28th of February. He repositioned the back brackets and removed the weird biting block he fixed on to my molars about two months ago, as well as this strange metal shield thing on the last molar tooth before my wisdom tooth.

After the appointment in Bangsar, I had to jam all the way to Pavilion to meet up with Xi Men to buy Tracie's present D: The traffic in KL (especially the town area) is HORRIBLE. It's like all the KL residents came out of their houses to shop for the New Year.

Went for English tuition with Xi Men, and it was fun :) There were two mosquitoes in the room at first and I killed them with the electric bat thing. Then suddenly, two more emerged. At that crucial moment, the battery in the awesome torture tool went flat, and Xi Men managed to kill one, but the other one went missing.

It was so tense that the three of us (The English teacher, Xi Men and I) were standing up and frantically waving our hands to make the mosquitoes come out of their hiding place. Thank God no one else saw us :x

Came home, did the English oral presentation slides until 4am in the morning D:

Tuesday; Stayed at home all day. Cleaned my room until it sparkled. *yawns*


Random photos:

Ripped Jeans.
Ripped jeans from Shenzhen.

Lace Two Piece.
Love this top.

Stripey Shorts.
This pair of shorts originally came with another top, but it looked ugly on me, so I wore another top :(
I think I have a big ribcage wth.

I was rather free one night, so I went and tried out fish braids (left) and normal braids (right)~

Alright, toodles.

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