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Sunday, March 27, 2011

‘Cause hey, I could be a superstar, I’ll see you when you wash my car :)

Currently listening to : Loser Like Me by the Glee Cast.

It's FRIDAY, FRIDAY, gotta get down on Friday~
Partyin' partyin', YEAH!
Partyin' partyin', YEAH!
Fun, fun, fun~

-___-  omg, so annoying.

Agnes & Minion. (Despicable Me)
(via weheartit)

Anyways, weekly recap.

Monday; Meh, nothing much, other than the launching of Program COMBI (some dengue fever thingamajig). I think I fell asleep during the invited speaker's speech :s

Tuesday;  Usual studies, filmed a bit of the ThinkQuest project.

Wednesday; 2010 SPM RESULTS DAY. Congrats to the 34 people who got straight A's, and Cheng Ken for getting straight A+'s. Wow, I feel the pressure of being a Form 5 now :o There's supposed to be a photo here, but it's with Xi Men :( Tracie and Terrence went for their basketball tournament, so it was just the three of us lepak-ing around the school.

Thursday; Yearbook photo shoot. Attended six photo shoots in one day x.x Class photo, Science and Maths Club, Christian Union, Badminton, Cooke and Form 5 Graduation. I felt like dying ~.~ Also, the twins are missing from our graduation photo :( Got to know our class positions!

Friday; Second day of yearbook photo shoot. Went for Editorial Board's photo shoot, then proceeded to do the Cooke house board. Yet another tiring day.

Okay, I'm DONE. Bye :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Holidays & Ultimate Laziness.

Currently listening to : By Chance (You and I) by J.R. Aquino.

Don't even bother asking me how my holidays went, it passed by so quickly that I can barely believe it. All I did was go for extra classes at Martin, finish up my homework and study, like the nerd I am. Oh, and I watched tons of YouTube videos and repaid about 5% of my sleep debt.

Tomorrow's gonna be the reopening of school already. Ughhh. I'm so not looking forward to the heaps, no, mountains of homework and the general, monotonous routine of Form 5 life. I hate waking up at 5.30am every weekday :(

Super Junior's Super Show 3 was yesterday, but I didn't go because I went to the previous one last year and I'm too stingy to fork out for another RM 200+ ticket. Ivy was really hyper in tuition though, because apparently the Super Junior members were staying in the Gardens... which is within a 5km radius of her house. Yeah.

In case you readers haven't noticed, I changed my blog header. That's probably... one of the most productive things I did during the holidays, I guess. Is it better than the previous header? :/

Last night's supermoon. 
Just in case you were wondering, those are the silhouettes of my neighbour's Astro discs.

I took this at about 2.30 am. My sleeping hours during the holidays are roughly around 3am to 10am. I remind myself of a nocturnal animal :s

Last but not least, Japan was hit by an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami last Friday, so I was pretty worried about my Japanese host family who took care of me during my stay with them four years ago. They live in Tokyo, which is quite far from the earthquake, which hit the northern parts of Japan like Miyagi prefecture. Fortunately, they replied to my e-mail and assured me that they were safe. Thank God.

Please pray for Japan and give them hope while they recover from this disaster. If you want, you can donate to the Japanese Red Cross or any other help organizations.


If you're free, check out this video!

Rhythm of Love cover by Joseph Vincent and Clara C.
Best cover ever, omg.

Toodles! :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

110305 Pavilion Outing.

(This is only half of the original album. The full album is here.)

So, we planned this outing like, a week ago and luckily almost everyone could make it. Kwai See and Ee Lin couldn't make it due to transport problems though :( Siew Yuan couldn't make it at the last minute, because she had to go for a dentist appointment.

We had classes at PTM until 3.15pm. After that, we met up and off we went to Pavilion in my mom's car. *excluding Xi Men and the twins, who went in their own cars*

With Becky. Notice those LEDs embedded in the wall behind us? We were super fascinated by them! :D

Kay-E with her beloved candlesticks from Royal Selangor :x

Xi Men finally came after like 234569 eons.

Ivy and Lynette.

Our movie, Black Swan was at 4.20pm, so off we went to Food Republic to fill our tummies :D

Shared Kimchi Jiggae with Lynn! Yum. *slurps*


More eating pics.

Too cute for me not to post up :D

Being smothered by Xi Men ;_;

And the twins arrived! :O (and there are two super self-conscious uncles looking into the camera hahaha)

They were harassing Chung Shin to take a photo. *cough*

Awww... they finally succeeded!

Becky being vain in the toilets. She suddenly whipped out a brush from her bag and started combing her hair. She never ceases to amaze me.

Obligatory camwhore shot in the toilets.

Going to the cinema.

Ok, so we watched Black Swan... and OH MY GOD. I now know why it was rated R. It was full of gore, sexual scenes, psychopaths and drug abuse. It's very beautiful and intense, but very disturbing. After the movie, all of us were like ---> (O___O), and we swore to never send our kids to ballet classes. If you're planning to watch Black Swan and you're not exactly strong-hearted, please watch it with a friend.

After the movie and the subsequent discussion, we went to the top floor and then camwhored like mad. The best thing about an all-girls outing is that no one will ever criticize you for taking too many pictures :x

Xi Men and Sharon.

Ivy and Lynn's... I dunno, 20th take?

With Xi Men and Lynn.


Group photos!

Xi Men and Sharon.

With Kay-E.

Perasan No. 1 & Perasan No. 2 *cough*

Random shot.

Love Lynn's expression in this :D

Sorry, ignore me, I'm sesat :(





Too lazy to give captions.

Down the escalator to send off Lynette.

Sharon and Lynette.

Sharon and her boyfriend hahaha.

For Rahul, our 'kambing' :x

We spent like 10 minutes on deciding where to have our dinner. Everyone couldn't make up their minds. Finally, we decided by making three representatives and voting. Xi Men represented TGIF, while Ivy was Manhattan Fish Market and Kay-E was Tony Romas. TGIF won, hands down.



I like this photo of Chung Shin a lot :D

Ivy reminds me of the psychopathic Beth in Black Swan wth.

Ivy = Kyuhyun, Me = Jun Hyung ;D

Ivy and Xi Men's Nachos thingamajig.

Kay-E and I shared these Boneless Chicken Wings. It was super sour and nice *_*

Becky and the twins shared this umm... Diablo Pasta?? I don't remember the name :/

Kay-E and I had this Southwestern Mac & Cheese. Yummy.

Ivy and Xi Men ordered this burger, and this is how they had to split it, lol XD

They were talking about inertia wth.

Ivy and Xi Men.

Wow I look drunk/high here.

Ivy with an onion slice :D

y turn. And Ivy decided to decorate my hair with a french fry.

I was literally strangling Xi Men *sadistic smile* wth

They were very eager to give their money :x

Ivy and I.

The rest went home, leaving just me, Ivy and Xi Men. We went down to Snowflake to get Xi Men's mom's dessert.

The very cool UFO beeper :D

Xi Men left, so Ivy and I walked around Forever 21, before my parents arrived to send Ivy back :D

Okay, so these heels are like, RM 116. Ivy is a Size 8 (if I'm not wrong la hahah) and I'm a Size 6, so please get them for us, although they are impossible to walk in.