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Sunday, March 27, 2011

‘Cause hey, I could be a superstar, I’ll see you when you wash my car :)

Currently listening to : Loser Like Me by the Glee Cast.

It's FRIDAY, FRIDAY, gotta get down on Friday~
Partyin' partyin', YEAH!
Partyin' partyin', YEAH!
Fun, fun, fun~

-___-  omg, so annoying.

Agnes & Minion. (Despicable Me)
(via weheartit)

Anyways, weekly recap.

Monday; Meh, nothing much, other than the launching of Program COMBI (some dengue fever thingamajig). I think I fell asleep during the invited speaker's speech :s

Tuesday;  Usual studies, filmed a bit of the ThinkQuest project.

Wednesday; 2010 SPM RESULTS DAY. Congrats to the 34 people who got straight A's, and Cheng Ken for getting straight A+'s. Wow, I feel the pressure of being a Form 5 now :o There's supposed to be a photo here, but it's with Xi Men :( Tracie and Terrence went for their basketball tournament, so it was just the three of us lepak-ing around the school.

Thursday; Yearbook photo shoot. Attended six photo shoots in one day x.x Class photo, Science and Maths Club, Christian Union, Badminton, Cooke and Form 5 Graduation. I felt like dying ~.~ Also, the twins are missing from our graduation photo :( Got to know our class positions!

Friday; Second day of yearbook photo shoot. Went for Editorial Board's photo shoot, then proceeded to do the Cooke house board. Yet another tiring day.

Okay, I'm DONE. Bye :D

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