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Friday, March 04, 2011

하늘에 있는 저 별들처럼 높이 날아봐. (Fly high, like the stars in the sky.)

Currently listening to : Dream High (Dream High OST) by Suzy, Kim Soo-Hyun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, IU, Eunjung & JOO.

Alien Stitch.
Cutest thing everrrr. (via picsandquotes)

Okay, I'll start with my re-cap of the exam weeks.

Monday; Physics Paper 3 and BM.
Physics Paper 3 was possibly the easiest Paper 3 among all the other science subjects. BM was okay, it was a mix of Paper 1 & 2.

Tuesday; Maulidur Rasul holiday! :D

Stayed at home all day and studied Physics :/

Wednesday; Physics Paper 1&2.
Paper 1 was considerably easy, but Paper 2 was a killer. It was... terrible :(

Thursday; English Paper 1&2.
Both papers were alright.

Friday; Mod. Maths Paper 1&2.
This was the last 'easy' subject, before the true hell began the next week.

Monday; Pendidikan Moral.
I can't understand WHY they fitted two pages into one A4 paper. Lack of space to write. Also, I messed up my 'Hidup Bersama Secara Aman' definition :(

Tuesday; Sejarah Paper 1&2.
I felt like boiling my textbook and eating it, so that I can memorize all the facts ;_;

Wednesday; Add. Maths Paper 1&2.
Okay, I think. Paper 1 was alright, but Paper 2 had a couple of tricky questions.
I COULDN'T FIND THE COORDINATES OF R. *tosses paper in the dustbin*

Thursday; Biology Paper 1&2.
I thought this was alright, since I could do the essay questions in Paper 2, but Puan Juliana basically implied that our class's marks were terrible :(

Friday; Biology Paper 3 & Chemistry Paper 3.
There were 21 experiments to read for Bio and 26 experiments for Chem. That totals to 47 experiments. *faints*

Monday; Chemistry Paper 1&2.

Y U NO GUY (Chemistry)
My feelings, exactly (read the underlined letters). (via purplemallows)

Oh Salt, why do you make my life so difficult?

Tuesday; Accounts.
The BEST paper ever because Rahul wasn't sitting next to me and asking me for the time every five seconds or so.
Anyway, this paper worries me because I finished it at about 12-ish, and everyone was still doing their papers. I hope I didn't leave out any questions or something.
Also, Tuesday signified the end of Intervensi 1! YAY!

Got back the Add. Maths Paper 1 + Physics Paper 1&3. I'm pretty satisfied overall :)


Back to the usual dreary schooldays.

Got back English Paper 1 and BM. I GOT MY FIRST A+ FOR BM! *tears*
We had this really interesting talk about DNA for three periods. I wish I was selected for the experiment though, it sounded interesting :(

The school conducted a Maulidur Rasul celebration thing for the Muslim students, so all the non-Muslim students hung out at the Skylite. Puan Jey gave us a talk (actually, more like a chat) and some people from Kafe@Teen came to promote their centre and gave us a talk on teenage love. I didn't pay much attention though, they came and gave the exact same talk when we finished our PMR examinations, back in 2009, so it was basically repetition.

Got back Modern Maths Paper 1 only. Very very satisfied and I really want to see what I got for Paper 2!

Cross-country run today. 4 kilometres :o Walked with Janice for 3/4 of the whole journey.
Tracie got a sprain in her right ankle and some inconsiderate junior knocked her down at the last checkpoint. She was in so much pain :(
If you're reading this, Tra, please get well faster!~

Also, we got back our Sejarah Paper 1&2. I was so shocked when I saw my Paper 2's marks. It must be divine intervention... or my superior crapping skills :x

Pheww~ that's one post off my to-do list! Will update soon.

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