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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My head is stuck in the clouds.

Currently listening to : Rhythm of Love by Plain White T's.


Currently reading the book in the photo above ^^. I love Philippa Gregory's books. Actually, I like anything that's about history and royalty :D

Last week's recap.

Monday; Got back the English Paper 1 (or was it on Wednesday? I can't remember.)
Got Chemistry Paper 1, 2 & 3 back. I think I did alright, considering the fact that I only browsed through Chapter 7 and 8, plus I crapped in my essay :)

Tuesday; Biology Paper 1 & 2 returned. I FINALLY got an A for Bio, after so many freakin' B's last year. The last time I got an A for Bio was for my first exam in Form 4, wth. I got 80, which is an A-, and pretty close to an A (just by one mark damnit :()

Got back Accounts paper! I GOT FULL MARKS WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
Also, I did my BM Lisan with Xi Men. Our choice of topic (ghosts and spirits in the Malay community) actually prompted our BM teacher to tell us about her experience with ghosts :o

Got back the much dreaded Paper 2 for Physics. I think I got pretty good marks. Also got back the Paper 3 for Biology. Teacher made a mistake in the marking of Paper 2, so I now have an A for Bio! *jumps around in glee* Got back the Maths Paper 2 as well.

Friday; Teacher returned the Add Maths Paper 2. The marks were lower than I expected, but good nevertheless. Also got back English Paper 2, it was okay :)

So, I got back all my results, and I got __. Hahahah. Guess my results yourselves, I'm not revealing anything :)

With this, I wish everyone happy holidays! It's the last holiday I can actually enjoy, before I start studying hardcore for SPM. I suspect that the Alpha teachers are out to keep our nose to the grindstone because I have a whole pile of holiday homework :(

Anyway, toodles! :)

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