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Friday, April 15, 2011

But I don't really care at all, not answering my phone.

Currently listening to : Candles by Hey Monday.


Hello, this is Michelle from Michiworld Entertainment News. Today, I'll be presenting the happenings and incidents that occurred during the duration of the past week in this blog owner's life :)

Monday; Drug Prevention Education Week (Minggu PPDa). Spent Chemistry lesson preparing for our experiments for the Riau exchange students. Mondays are always boring.

Tuesday; Spent Pendidikan Sivik at the Chem lab, because Terrence managed to persuade our teacher into bringing us there to prepare for our experiments. Nicklaus' group was doing an experiment involving gummy bears. At one point, Nicklaus managed to stuff like 3/4 gummy bears into the test tube and somehow the experiment went kaput. The whole lab had smoke and a smell like rotten eggs/fart was emitted. Most of us ran out because we couldn't take the stink. Ughhh.

Didn't go for badminton, but stayed in the counselor's room with Siew Yuan to prepare for our graphic designing competition the next day. The office's wireless Internet was surprisingly fast :D

Wednesday; Lugged my heavy laptop and extension cord to school. Siew Yuan and I had a short discussion at the gazebo before dragging ourselves to SBS. Registered, ate breakfast and went for our competition at 9.30am.

Anyone who was watching the two of us during the competition must have thought we were nuts because everytime Photoshop lagged, we would both be like "OMG OMG NOOOOOOOO *headdesk* *prays to God* X1000". Then when the application was responding again, we would go "YESSSSS. OK OK GO GO."
Hahahahahahah. imho, we did an awesome job with the graphic. WE FREAKING DESIGNED THE FONT OURSELVES OKAY. Imagine using the Ellipse tool and slowly cutting and adding bits to make it into alphabets for nearly an hour. Pure torture.

Anyway. We got back to school at 1.30pm, and stayed back for koko. Later, Pn. S told Siew Yuan that we didn't win the competition. *emo* :(

Luckily for me, we didn't have Renjer today, because our school had the DiGi Sekolahku Berbakat thingy. I brought my uniform but didn't bring my black socks, shoes and scarf, so I was mighty glad that we got to have fun instead. Sadly, most of the contestants didn't do very well. I think they might have done better with more practice, though. The judges were pretty mean -_-

Thursday; Had the Taylor's Accounts Exam thing. Accounts in English... is a bit weird. And I couldn't do the Bank Reconciliation Statement thing. Gahhhhh.

Friday; Friday was awesome because, well... it's Friday. Need I explain more? The school held a ceremony marking the end of the Riau student exchange. The Riau students' dances were soooooo cute, I kid you not. The highlight of the day was after school when we retook a few of the scenes for ThinkQuest. Xi Men was supposed to just kick Bryan, but she ended up nearly injuring Li Lok :x Amazing.

Another highlight of my day was when I managed to kill TWO mosquitoes in one go outside my house. Epic, I tell you. They were like, flying on top of each other. Maybe they were mating? Ewwwww. Okay, let's not think about that.

Alright, I'm gonna stop here.

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