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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Don't deny, our r²π.

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Minions. (Despicable Me)
I seriously love Despicable Me :)


I've been a bad blogger by neglecting my blog for the past two weeks :(
School's a whirlwind, thrown in with random moments with my friends and heaps of homework.
Terry was missing from school for the first few days of the week before last week, due to basketball, and then it was Tra's turn at the end of last week and the starting of this week. I don't remember anything from last week (other than Saturday), so I'll just give my account of this week.

Monday; 20 Riau students came to our school for a student exchange program. Only Terry and I attended school today, so we sat together and talked about a load of rubbish. We talked about food with Sheng Juen and got really, really hungry, haha. Our No. 1 food craving is now siew loong pao (a sort of soup-filled pao) from Dragon-i. Mmm.

Tuesday; Terry's turn to be absent. My crazy deskmate *coughximencough* and Jan came today though! Did a Physics experiment regarding Ohm's Law for PEKA. I'm finding electricity sorta fun :O We had about 3 free periods today, because our teachers were involved in something or other. YAY.

Stayed back for Science and Maths Club today, we conducted the Amazing Race. It was quite fun and nice, but chaotic because we didn't have enough facilitators to handle the groups, and it was mind-boggling to make them stay in their groups and not barge around everywhere.

Plus, we left the prizes in the Science lab because we thought we were going back there, but it got locked. Xi Men and I had to retrieve them the next day, during Puan Jey's class. Omg, so embarassing ><

Wednesday; Only Xi Men and Terry today. Tra was away, playing for the 3rd/4th place match (if I'm not wrong).

Had Renjer Puteri today, fooled around :)

Thursday; Finally everyone in our group came to school! :D Did yet another PEKA experiment for Physics, this time it was about the factors affecting resistance. Today was also picture day for our class layout. It was so much fun, imo :D

Friday;  Alright, I suppose. Did the Cooke board. I think we're about 75% finished? It looks awesome, anyway. And I MUST commend Xi Men here (she reads my blog, hahah) because she actually ran like a million times to and fro from the co-op, trying to buy double-sided tape, but failing miserably because a certain someone refused to sell it to her.

Btw, people, I've deactivated my FB account early this week, due to studies and it's not like I'm an active Facebooker anyway. I'll reactivate it after SPM :)

Also, check out the MV below! My new favourite song


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