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Thursday, June 02, 2011

110528 OiC Camp.

Date: 28th May 2011.
Venue: Taylor's University Lakeside Campus.

(Random sidenote: I think writing reports for Ed. Board is changing my blogging style, wth. I don't ever remember blogging details like the date and venue o_o)

So, a bunch of us went for this one day in campus event, hosted by Taylor's. It was SO MUCH FUN. But it was really tiring :|

Most of us took the bus from school, and we reached the campus by like, 9am? Got registered and started taking photos all over the campus because it had such a lovely environment.

Jakun-ing over the high ceilings.

The campus ♥

l-r: Xi Men, Kwai See, Rebecca, Ee Lin and yours truly.

Groupshot. Becky's eyes cannot be saved, but I'm posting this up anyway because it's nice.

With the huge Taylor's sign. At first, Ivy thought it was LOR'S only, hahah.

Starbucks has been taken over by a horde of SBU-ians! Hello, we gave them good business, ok.

In the gym for briefing and icebreaking.

So, after icebreaking we had this session called 'Race Around Campus'. I was in the same group as Xi Men, Claryson and Amirah :D SBU power, heheh. Anyway, our group was called 'Awesome-6'. Everybody's a bit quiet, but at least they're cooperative :)

After the race, everyone was pretty much tired. We got a break, thus, off we headed for lunch and random window shopping at Syopz. Shalini and I bought the same headband from TeleGift, so we were 'twins' for the rest of the day, hahah.

Random pic at the Syopz walkway.

Rahul kept going, "OMG it's so HOT!", thus ruining the photos -_-"

Mimicking the Prefectorial Board's Teachers' Day performance. Hmmm... I think we failed.

My 'twin' and I, hahahah.

On the staircase back to the gym.

For the second section of the day, we had our workshops! Most of us went for Fashion-Style-Impression.

The entire lift's passenger load was made up of SBU-ians :D

I ended up not writing anything down D:

Overall, the workshop was pretty good. For the first 15 minutes or so, we had this thing where you go around writing your first impressions of a particular person on his/her back. By the end of the time given, the SBU-ians went mad and just started writing a load of crazy stuff on each SBU-ian's back. We were... really high lol.

Our workshop ended late, about 20 minutes later than the scheduled time, so by the time we got to the amphitheater for the Rock Concert, it was already pretty full.

They performed songs like 'Price Tag' and 'Rolling in the Deep'.

Priya and Syazwan in some game called 'Proposal, Marriage & Divorce'.

Magic performance. Doesn't this look like some horrible S&M scene? Just sayin'.

'Love the Way You Lie' dance cover by Taylor's Dance Crew.

Hip-hop dancing?? Also by TDC.


At the very end, they announced the winners of the lucky draw... and no one from SBU won, wth. It has got to be a fluke because there were like 73 SBU-ians there :(

THE END. *faints* 
(p.s. It was Kim's birthday on the same day! Happy (belated) birthday! :D)

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