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Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 1 - Your Best Friend.

I'm not really sure if I have best friends, but I do know I have some really really good friends that I wouldn't trade for the world. So, this is for them.

Dear awesomesauce friend(s),

(via makemestfu)

I don't say this often enough but I'm so thankful that you're always there for me. You guys helped me through some of my roughest periods and supported my decisions. You always cheer me up when I'm down in the dumps or feeling anti-social. Thank you so much! :)

I'll never forget all those moments where we gathered at one table and talked about a whole lot of crap, ranging from Osama bin Laden to Lady Gaga to some really random topics that cannot be mentioned here because it would be extremely embarassing.

I'll always love you guys and I hope we'll still be in contact after we graduate from high school. I'm truly blessed to have friends like you guys.

I would put your photos here, but I'm too lazy at the moment, haha.

, M.

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