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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 2 - Your Crush.

In terms of real-life crushes, I honestly don't have any at the moment, so don't be too disappointed, LOL :D
Instead, you'll have to settle for me gushing over my celebrity crush.

Dear Yong Jun Hyung (용준형),

You're the 2nd celebrity crush I've ever had (the first one being Heo Young Saeng from SS501, but he's too old for me, so he's out of my league *le sigh*). I know I'm just one out of your many, many fangirls, but hey, I can dream right? *delusional*  You're the first rapper I've liked, and although I still don't like rapping very much, I can somehow tolerate it a bit more. You're the reason why my deskmate, Xi Men always chooses to ignore me whenever I start fangirl-ing excessively.

Oh, and btw, I prefer your hair down and with a fringe, your hairstyle in Bad Girl was a tad weird :s
Just saying.

Everytime I listen to Far East's Movement's Like a G6, I sing Na Na Na, now I'm feeling so FLY like Yong Jun Hyung, haha :)

(photos and gif from various Tumblrs)

super freaking ♥, M.

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