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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Post #250.

Currently listening to : Light Up the World by the Glee Cast. has reached another milestone! :D
250 posts in the span of 44 months. That makes it... 5.7 posts per month. Okay, that's... actually not a lot :| I don't think anyone reads this blog regularly other than Xi Men and I.  (yಠ,ಠ)y

I haven't been updating lately, because
  1. Trials is in 2+ months, so I'm supposed to be revising, not spending inordinate amounts of time online, 
  2. I haven't been out and about recently, and
  3. I'm procrastinating. *cough*

The only reason why I'm even online, updating the blog at the moment is because it's the holidays and it suddenly occurred to me that my blog still exists :s

So, all that I've been doing during the holidays are (in no particular order):
  1. Getting my wisdom teeth extracted.
  2. Removing like, 10+ gigabytes from my laptop's hard drive.
  3. Being frustrated with Angry Birds (PC Version).
  4. Watching City Hunter and swooning over Lee Min Ho.
  5. Successfully finished learning how to play U-KISS's 0330 on the electone.
  6. Failing my Grade 5 electone examinations -_-"
  7. Killing insects (who seem to love my room, btw).
  8. Getting a haircut.
  9. Organizing all my stuff.
  10. Studying (oh, so nerdy, but yes.)
My life is very exciting, indeed.

So, since getting my wisdom teeth extracted was pretty much the highlight of my entire holidays, I am going to blog about it, despite the fact that I think I should blog about something awesome for my 250th post.

---(you're welcome to skip this section if you hate blocks of text/ mildly gory descriptions)---

I extracted my teeth last Tuesday, on the 31st of May. I had to extract my wisdom teeth because they were apparently pushing my other teeth, therefore pushing my lower jaw outwards and pretty much decreasing the efficiency of my braces. I was supposed to extract them a month ago, but I had to postpone it due to school.

So, before my operation, I took my lunch - Nasi Lemak with Sotong Sambal - at Chawan, knowing full well that it was going to be pretty much the last good-tasting food that I'll be able to consume before I suffer for the week after the operation. With lunch out of the way, the nurses at the dentist's got me to swallow some painkillers and antibiotics while waiting for my turn in the chair of horror.

I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't nervous. I've extracted 4 teeth before (due to braces), but this was my first time extracting my wisdom teeth, which is considerably larger than the teeth I've previously extracted. Soon enough, my turn rolled around and I had to get an X-ray of my teeth. After that, I made myself comfortable in the dentist's chair while staring at the X-ray image on the monitor.

Injections. It was the worst part of the entire process, because I hate needles. The fact that I couldn't see the needles exactly was slightly comforting though. The first jab on both sides and the jabs on the nerves near the tongue were the worst. My mouth was numb after that, so I had a bit of trouble rinsing my mouth.

The extraction itself hardly hurt, because of the anesthesia, so I don't have any complaints there. The sound of the drill was creepy and I could like, hear the cracking of the tooth when my dentist broke it into two. Other than that, the operation was smooth-sailing and quite relaxing (wth). After he extracted the teeth, my dentist stitched up the gaping holes and imo, it's quite interesting to watch the dentist sewing when you can't feel the needle at all, haha.

After the entire process, I got out feeling all dizzy and my mouth couldn't close, so I ended up stuffing tissues into my mouth to soak up the mixture of saliva and blood. I got about 4 different varieties of medicines to take and went back home.

I didn't take my dinner on that day, because I could hardly speak, let alone swallow food. My cheeks were swollen and the saliva wouldn't stop flowing (gross). The next day was better because the anesthesia finally wore off and I regained control of my mouth, thus allowing me to down some mashed potatoes. I couldn't eat anything that was hot and/or solid, so I sustained on mashed potatoes, cold porridge, juice and ice water for a few days. Believe me, it's not fun. My trips to the toilet practically quadrupled because of the increased intake of liquids. Plus, I may have boosted the sales of KFC's mashed potatoes because I ate like 6 tubs in the span of 7 days. The dentist also recommended ice cream, but I don't like ice cream, so that was a no-no for me.

Today I got my stitches removed within about 5 minutes. I can eat normally again! :D Hello, vegetables, I missed you~

Okay. I'm off to go chow some solid food. Tata.

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