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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sous la pression.

Currently listening to: River Flows in You by Yiruma.

I think I've set some kind of new personal record. I've fallen sick THRICE in three weeks -_-" The first time was sore throat and fever, second time a mild sore throat and the latest, fever, flu and cough; the full package. Ugh, I hate hate hate taking meds. They make me sleepy and I keep dozing off while I study :( Falling sick is pretty rare for me, I normally have pretty good immunity. I guess it's at an all time low at the moment because I've been staying up late recently to study for trials.

School has been unproductive and boring lately, we've been doing A LOT of moral papers while the Islam students have their Agama seminars/classes. We finished our History syllabus yesterday and spent the remaining 30 minutes sharing ghost stories, wth. Now I'm terrified to enter the school museum and the 4th floor toilets :o

Filling scholarship forms at the moment. I've taken to practicing Yiruma's River Flows in You on the electone a lot. Something about the melody is very calming. Plus, it's one of the few piano pieces I've learnt so far. I'm trying it out on the piano this Sunday in music class; I'm pretty excited, actually. Sure, you can select the piano sound on the electone, but it's different to play it an actual piano. The piano keys are a lot harder than those of the electone, and at first I had to get used to the whole one keyboard and three pedals only thing. You see, I'm used to the double keyboard and my feet normally move around a lot on the pedals.

I've finished re-watching La Corda d'Oro ~Primo Passo~ after like, a year of not watching anime. Why so sudden, you ask? I had a sudden urge to watch a good anime with awesome classical music, so hence the choice. I suddenly realized that anime is so much easier to watch as it's only 30 minutes per episode, unlike Korean dramas which typically stretch on for an hour or more. Also, it's easier to access as anime is normally subbed and uploaded onto YouTube.

Oh, and I still haven't watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I really really really want to, but I never have the time. 

On a random note, it's almost the end of July and my birthday's in less than 2 weeks. Somehow, I'm not looking forward to growing older.

Toodles, I gotta study History.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

110629 Co-curricular Carnival.

Photo spam! You have been warned.

This is a waaaaaay overdue post.

Anyway, the Co-curricular Carnival (or is it the Co-curriculum Carnival? idk.) was one of the best days in the year so far. It was heaps of fun and although Xi Men was living the life in Europe during the carnival, I managed to cram in loads of happy memories and hung out with Sheng, Vanessa, Ivy, Shalini, Tessa and the gang :)

I think a main reason why I got to have so much fun this year was because the Form 5s didn't have to be involved in the selling business anymore.Utter bliss. Not that I didn't have fun last year, I really did, but I didn't get to walk around and enjoy the attractions because I was busy managing the stall (and guarding the money wth)

Tracie isn't in the photos because a last minute crisis popped up for the basketball club and she had to rescue the situation.

In the classroom. We were all pretty hyper about getting our coupons :D

Setting up.

Couponssss!!! And free eco-friendly bags!

We grabbed our coupons and made our way to our first attraction of the day: the hot air balloon!
We paid the RM 13 fee and waited for a bit.

 Boarding passes.

Watching the hot air balloon inflate...

Snapped photos because we were crazy excited and too bored.

However, it started raining and the hot air balloon was postponed. Talk about dampening our spirits :(
So we made our way to the Skylite, which was already buzzing with activity as the students started preparing the food they were selling for the day.
We bought tortillas and punch from the Interact Club's stall and wolfed them down even though we weren't supposed to begin buying stuff (to be fair, we didn't even know about the restriction until Pn.S yelled at us to stop eating).

Our table company.

Said tortillas. They were pretty good! *thumbs up* We got the vege-less ones though, haha.

Gradually, the Skylite began to fill up with people and Pn.S finally gave orders to begin buying and selling.
Oh, and the DJ booth started operating and guess what was the first song they played?
BEAST's Fiction!!!! *happy fan-girl mode* Chi Shein and I couldn't stop grinning like idiots and high-fived each other excitedly when we heard it.

Sheng having brain freeze after downing some snow cones from the Science & Maths Club.

After stuffing ourselves with plenty of food, we decided to queue for the Haunted House. The queue was crazy long and the worst part was people kept cutting in from all sides. Those queue-cutters seriously pissed us off and about three or more of us actually snapped. That's how terrible they were.

We waited for about 15 minutes when the Navy people in charge of the Haunted House said that they were going to take a 30-minute break. At the same time, the hot air balloon was ride was on course again as the rain stopped, so we walked to the field again.

Each ride had to have 3 passengers, so I was with Ivy and Vanessa. We were the second batch and we were so so so excited. We laughed insanely at every single thing, kinda like jakuns, but this was our first time riding a hot air balloon, so you can't blame us :) The person who was handling the hot air balloon probably thought we were mad, but he was pretty nice anyway and even helped us to take a photo while we were in the air.


Aerial view of the school field and adjacent structures.

In the basket~

 This photo is nice :D

See the burner? Every time the handler ignited the fire to erm... heat up the air (?), we could all feel the heat on our faces. It was that hot.

Once we landed, we went back to the Haunted House to queue again. I bought a pair of sunnies for RM 3 at the St. John's stall and we snapped some photos.

Top: Shalini, bottom: Sheng.

BEST photo of the day.

Silly faces.

This was how crazy the queue was.

After queuing up for about 2-3 hours (yes, I'm not kidding), we FINALLY got into the Haunted House. It was quite scary, the 'ghost's were pretty realistic and I freaked out because I'm not really into horror and stuff like that. There were ghosts grabbing me at every turn and one even tried to grab my ankles. I screamed for a bit, but after a while I started screaming for fun (like how you would scream on a rollercoaster) wth.

Ah, and if you're reading this, Siew Yuan, I'm so sorry I pushed you towards the ghosts to be eaten, hahahaha.

After the harrowing experience, I hung out in the PA room (a.k.a. the DJ booth) with Priya and Gan for a bit. 

Haziq preparing for his magic show.

With Gan.

Magic show in progress.

The carnival basically finished at 3.30pm and the stalls closed to count their earnings. The Science & Maths Club made about RM500 profit, whee!

Some random photos before we went back:

Ivy looking cute with Jalur Gemilangs which mysteriously appeared out of nowhere.

Joined by Siew Yuan.

With Chloe! She's adorably hyper :D

And so the carnival ended with an impromptu dance battle thingamajig. It resembled an underground dance showdown and it was so crowded that I didn't even bother to look.

Alright, abrupt end of post wth.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 5 & 6 - Guangzhou, Zhuhai & Macau.

I'm back with the last 2 days of my December trip.
I was supposed to put this up like, last week, but I had a bout of fever and sore throat (which keeps recurring -_-). Okay, on with the post!

[ Day 5 ]

It was yet another relatively warm day. We checked out of the Shenzhen hotel in the morning, took breakfast somewhere I can't remember and off we went to Guangzhou. Guangzhou wasn't initially in the itinerary, we were supposed to go to Zhuhai straight away and spend only half the day sight-seeing and the other half shopping. However, that particular day was the day of the closing ceremony of the Asian Games, so the tour guide suggested visiting Guangzhou to admire the decorations before they were torn down.

The journey there was boring as usual, I tend to sleep a lot on the bus when I'm on tours :s The decorations at Guangzhou were really nice though, most of them were made entirely of flowers.

First stop: Some park which is full of decorations, I don't know the name, so I'm just gonna call it the Asian Games Park.

Main entrance.

They had a lot of these statue thingies dotted all over the park.

According to the tour guide, this is the largest outdoor TV screen in... the whole of China? The world? 
I wasn't paying attention :s

Second stop: Panyu Lotus Hill.

This place was really nice and cooling. It's a religious place, if I'm not wrong. There's a huge gold-plated statue of Guan Yin and a lot of temples/pagodas.


Wishing tree.

The gold-plated statue of Guan Yin.

Lunch passed, we bought roasted sweet potatoes from a street vendor. They tasted awesome
Went to Zhuhai and reached in the late afternoon. There aren't many attractions in Zhuhai, so we only went to the Fisherwoman Statue and took photos.

After that, we had our dinner and went to the Gong Bei Underground Shopping Mall. Like its name, it's a huge underground mall selling everything from food to clothes. We only walked one floor because the tour guide was afraid we would be lost. It was really big and within that one floor, we walked for like 3 hours.
There were loads of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. I found a shop that sold really nice and good quality accessories at low prices :D

 We checked in at Hotel Jumbo Zhuhai. It was okay, but the toilet was smaller than the previous hotels and the room was rather dim.

[ Day 6 ]

Our last day! We got up and checked out with our heavy luggage bags in tow. We were in for a shock, we had to freakin' walk through Gong Bei Underground Shopping Mall with our super heavy bags to get to the immigration checkpoint. By the time we reached the immigration counter, my arms were very, very sore and tired.

When we got out of Immigration, we saw loads of promoters standing along the walkway and trying to lure people  to visit the casinos. There were even special buses that brought you directly to the casino o_o

By the way, I was super excited about our trip to Macau, because in some of the K-dramas I watched (Goong & Boys Over Flowers), they have scenes filmed in Macau and the scenery is really pretty.I'm such a K-drama fanatic, haha.

 Anyway, first stop: Lotus Square.

This was like the Golden Bauhinia Square in Hong Kong (which I visited but forgot to post up pics).
More info from Wikipedia:
The Lotus Square or Golden Lotus Square (Chinese: 金蓮花廣場; Portuguese: A Praça Flor de Lodão) is an open area in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, now a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. The area features the large sculpture of "Lotus Flower In Full Bloom" (Chinese: 盛世蓮花) presented by the State Council of the People's Republic of China in 1999, marks the transfer of the sovereignty of Macau from Portugal to the People's Republic of China.

In front of said lotus flower.

Next stop: St. Paul's Ruins.

This is one of the most famous landmarks in Macau and is similar to Kota A' Famosa in Malacca :D
There were loads of people even though it was a weekday. I assume they're mostly tourists.

See, it's so crowded :(

If you walk down the steps and further out, it's connected to Senado Square.
The patterns on the pavement are really nice. We also passed by a famous alley, but I didn't get clear photos because it was very crowded.

After walking in Senado Square, we went to the observation deck of the Macau Tower to look at the view. It was super nice :D

I found Menara KL on the wall too! :) Malaysian pride yo!

I looove the transparent floor! :D I want something similar in my house, haha.

Funny sign.

They had these bungee jumping activities going on, and I really wanted to try bungee jumping off Macau Tower, but we didn't have enough time :(

We had lunch in some Portuguese-themed restaurant. It was a set meal thing and my mom was like "Oh, they're still the same." Apparently she also had a set meal for her lunch when she visited Macau years and years ago. It was delicious all the same. The funniest thing was when we left the restaurant, there was a sudden blackout. Imagine if we were still in the restaurant, we would have to dine in darkness, haha.

We also visited the A-Ma Temple, but we only took photos at the entrance because most of us opted not to go in. One of the other families on the tour wanted to pray at the temple, so everyone else just lounged about and checked out the shops nearby. We also tried the famous Portuguese egg tarts. They were heavenly.

Next stop, the City of Dreams.

Actually, it's a casino with a lot of expensive, luxury boutiques on the outside. Since there were minors (like me) on the tour, we didn't go into the casino (I briefly considered sneaking in). We just walked around the place, which by the way was very nicely decorated and watched a 3D show.


While waiting for the show to start, my mom and I hung out at McD's. Their food is significantly much more expensive than the McD's in Malaysia, so we couldn't bring ourselves to fork out money for a burger.
One thing that was different about this McD's though, was that they had a cafe subunit, called McCafe. It's like Starbucks and the price was quite reasonable, so we bought milkshakes.

The ticket for the 3D show.

The show was okay, it was kind of interesting to see their lighting effects and the CGI.

Computer generated tiger.

Our last stop was The Venetian, which was located just behind the City of Dreams, so we walked there. I think all the casinos in Macau are located in the same district, because I saw a lot of other casinos nearby too.

On the way there.

At this point, I became really really excited because Boys Over Flowers filmed here! I couldn't wait to walk in The Venetian and see the same scenes. -kdrama freak mode-

In the grand foyer!

The Venetian was pretty much like the previous casino, except it was more grand and beautiful. Seriously, I couldn't stop admiring the decorations. Everything looked so pretty *_* We didn't have much time though, so we practically rushed through the entire place.

Our flight was at about 9.30pm, so we checked in our luggage at the MFM Airport at 7.30pm and waited for 2 hours before boarding the AirAsia flight home.

Last shot of Macau.

Ah, we've reached the end of this blogpost!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 3 & 4 - Shenzhen.

Whooo~ back with the 3rd and 4th days of my December holidays!
I'm on a roll, baby! XD

[ Day 3 ]
Went for breakfast at one of Hong Kong's 'Char Chan Teng's (equivalent to the Malaysian kopitiam) The food was super yummy and very affordable :D

On the way back, we saw this:

Real estate office.

Now, these offices can only be found in Hong Kong (according to my mom, who's some sort of HK drama fanatic). It would be cool if Malaysia had these ^^

We checked out of our hotel and got ready to go to Shenzhen, China!
Btw, I slept in the bus all the way to the immigration checkpoint, got up to get my passport stamped and stuff, and promptly fell asleep again until we reached some place for lunch. The tour guide's voice was like a lullaby, haha.

Obligatory shots of the scenery. 
Left: Oyster farms.
Top: Hong Kong high-rise apartments.
Bottom: Highway to Shenzhen.

Those vertical black/grey lines have nothing to do with my camera, it was on the bus window.

First stop of the day: OCT East Theme Park.

Entrance. I had this urge to beat my fists against this huge drum, but sadly I'm too short. Sigh.


I love the place, it looks like something out of a storybook! It's very European.
Left: Santa climbing into a house.
Top: Very festival-like atmosphere with the colourful canopy.
Bottom: Flowersssss.

Left: More flowers.
Right: Colourful hot-air balloon! :D


We went for this cultural show thingy called the T-show? Something like that. It's  sort of Buddhism-centred. If you go there, please don't bother reading the English subtitles, they make no sense to me. The ending was epic though.

My favourite scene! Teapots~~

Random photo with the lovely flowers.

Forgive my expression.

Okay, I think this is the best part of the park, because IT LOOKS LIKE HOLLAND. There are loads of flowers everywhere and there are cows dotted all over. They're not your typical black-and-white cows, they're painted with a lot of different designs and colours.

Our next (and last) stop was Dongmen Street, which is basically an area surrounded by shopping malls and shops.
No pictures of Dongmen street because we were too busy shopping, wahahha. There were LOADS of cheap things. If you're good at haggling, you can walk away with items at half (maybe even 80% less) of the original price. There were also a lot of those makeshift stalls selling random things.

Checked into Shenzhen Holiday Inn! It's a super awesome hotel, they even have a LUX shampoo dispenser ♥

[ Day 4 ]
Complimentary hotel breakfast~
Today's weather was beautiful, it was warm enough that I took my coat off 90% of the time.

First stop of the day: Window of the World.
This wasn't in the original itinerary, so we had to fork out extra for the entry tickets.
Basically it's full of replicas of famous landmarks all over the world.

I'm posting this up because I love the colours.

I think this is London Bridge.
You can't see the sign, but it says 'Do Not Step' :x


They were having some sort of snow & ice exhibition near the snowboarding area, so we went to check it out. Note to self: wear gloves when visiting places with temperatures below 0°C.

The freezing temperature aside, the exhibition was actually kinda cool. There were ice sculptures of Kung Fu Panda :D Plus, there was this ride where you sat on a tire and just slide down an ice ramp. Very, very fun.

Oversized jacket and bad lighting conditions.

Next stop: Splendid China.
More miniature stuff. We didn't spend a very long time here because well, if you were to walk around the entire area, it would take more than 2 hours because it is HUGE. So, we rented one of those buggies to go to the key attractions.

I wanted to go on this train :)
Typical touristy photo.

We went for two shows in Splendid China, the first was some tribe war thingy that involved soldiers and horses. The place smelt like horse poop :s The second show was a cultural show, the troupe is apparently famous in China. It was okay, I took some photos but they're all very blur.
Our last stop was Dongmen Street again. Well, we're shopaholics, there's nothing you can do about it. Bought a lot of things because they were pretty cheap.
End of post~ The weekend has ended, so I'll probably post the last holiday post next Saturday. Bye~