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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Day 1 & 2 - Hong Kong.

Sooooooo. I'm suddenly a hardworking blogger and I FINALLY finished editing my holiday photos. After like, 7 months -_-" Well, better late than never.

WARNING: Photo spam!

[ Day 1 ]
So my flight was at 7am-ish, I got to the LCCT by 5.30am and went for some breakfast at Old Town. Boarded my flight and in case you haven't guessed it already, I was flying AirAsia. And boy, the plane was TINY. It was like only two sides with three seats a row. I felt cramped throughout the entire flight and could barely squeeze myself out to get to the toilet.

Top: Boarding pass and arrival stuff. Apparently in China they call foreigners aliens. Hmm.
Below: First glimpse of Hong Kong.

The flight was about 4 hours long, and I was soooo relieved when it was over. At least I could stretch out in the airport terminal. We collected our luggage and got onto the bus to our first destination on the trip: Hong Kong Disneyland.

Top: Signboard before entering Disneyland.
Middle: Hong Kong Disneyland entrance.
Bottom: Find the hidden Mickey!

Taken by Mom. I believe it was a weekday when I went, and yet there were so many people :s

Top: Messing around with the camera, but cool nonetheless.
Bottom: Stunning fireworks show.

Okay, my thoughts on HK Disneyland:

As I've been to Tokyo Disneyland when I was Form 1 on a homestay programme, HK Disneyland seemed smaller. A lot of the more exciting rides like the Haunted Mansion were also missing :( The most extreme ride in HK Disneyland was the Space Mountain and even then it felt smaller and shorter than the one in Tokyo. There were a lot of movie attractions though. You know, those that show mini 4D movies and stuff.

The food in HK Disneyland was also very, very expensive (compared to the food in Malaysia). It was about 40+ ringgit for a bowl of wanton noodles. The portion wasn't big and the noodles aren't all that tasty. But if you do have to eat something in HK Disneyland, you should try the fish and chips in Fantasyland. They're positively humongous and totally worth the price because it also comes with mushroom soup. Here, let me show you:

Look at the size of the fish!

Plus, the popcorn and candyfloss are pretty good, they're about RM 10 each. They can be found in the carts scattered all over Disneyland.

Ah, and before I forget, Disneyland is utterly spotless. I'm not kidding, the cleaners watch the place like a hawk and grab the rubbish once it touches the floor. They even pick up the fallen leaves. Amazing.

Checked into Panda Hotel after that and checked out the shopping mall nearby but all the stores were closed because it was past 10pm.

[ Day 2 ]
Got up and had a dim sum breakfast at some restaurant.

First stop of the day: Repulse Bay.

One of those houses belong to Jackie Chan, I forgot which. All the houses in this area belong to the rich and famous. Makes me want to stalk them XD

Love the scenery here.


It was unusually freaking cold. The fact that we're near the sea (you know, what with the sea breeze and all) made the temperature drop even more :s Apparently, Hong Kong was going through a strange cold season so yeah, temperatures dropped below normal. I kinda wished I brought along thermal underwear, lol.

Next stop: Aberdeen.

One day I shall eat in this floating restaurant! It looks uber cool.

I actually took a photo with the old woman who was steering the boat (she's super nice!), but I'm lazy to edit it, so here's only one photo. At least now I know I'm not prone to seasickness.

Third stop: Victoria Peak.

More shivering.

Seriously, I think I froze. Low temperature + icy wind is definitely not good for my system. The view was breathtaking, although a bit height-phobia-inducing.

Madame Tussaud's is located on Victoria Peak, so in we went.

Heil Hitler!

Madame Tussaud's is awesome. There were lots of other celebs and famous figures in there, but like I said, I'm too lazy to edit the photos, so just be satisfied with this.

Short detour to Wong Tai Sin Temple.

People praying.

I'm a Christian, so I couldn't pray here. It was a lovely place though. According to the tour guide, lots of kung fu movies were filmed here.

First we have Victoria Peak, now it's Victoria Harbour.

First time seeing the junk (ship) in real life!

The Avenue of the Stars is also located at Victoria Harbour, so as we walked and took in the scenery, my mom and I were busy looking for Andy Lau's handprints. Sadly, we couldn't find it. Maybe we overlooked it or something. The light displays in Hong Kong are spectacular ♥

Really cool light displays.

After that, we went to Lui Yan Kai (Ladies' Street) to shop a little, but we only succeeded in buying a pair of slightly overpriced gloves and more winterwear because the ones we brought weren't enough. We didn't really have a lot of time to shop :s

Shenzhen post next! :D

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