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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 3 & 4 - Shenzhen.

Whooo~ back with the 3rd and 4th days of my December holidays!
I'm on a roll, baby! XD

[ Day 3 ]
Went for breakfast at one of Hong Kong's 'Char Chan Teng's (equivalent to the Malaysian kopitiam) The food was super yummy and very affordable :D

On the way back, we saw this:

Real estate office.

Now, these offices can only be found in Hong Kong (according to my mom, who's some sort of HK drama fanatic). It would be cool if Malaysia had these ^^

We checked out of our hotel and got ready to go to Shenzhen, China!
Btw, I slept in the bus all the way to the immigration checkpoint, got up to get my passport stamped and stuff, and promptly fell asleep again until we reached some place for lunch. The tour guide's voice was like a lullaby, haha.

Obligatory shots of the scenery. 
Left: Oyster farms.
Top: Hong Kong high-rise apartments.
Bottom: Highway to Shenzhen.

Those vertical black/grey lines have nothing to do with my camera, it was on the bus window.

First stop of the day: OCT East Theme Park.

Entrance. I had this urge to beat my fists against this huge drum, but sadly I'm too short. Sigh.


I love the place, it looks like something out of a storybook! It's very European.
Left: Santa climbing into a house.
Top: Very festival-like atmosphere with the colourful canopy.
Bottom: Flowersssss.

Left: More flowers.
Right: Colourful hot-air balloon! :D


We went for this cultural show thingy called the T-show? Something like that. It's  sort of Buddhism-centred. If you go there, please don't bother reading the English subtitles, they make no sense to me. The ending was epic though.

My favourite scene! Teapots~~

Random photo with the lovely flowers.

Forgive my expression.

Okay, I think this is the best part of the park, because IT LOOKS LIKE HOLLAND. There are loads of flowers everywhere and there are cows dotted all over. They're not your typical black-and-white cows, they're painted with a lot of different designs and colours.

Our next (and last) stop was Dongmen Street, which is basically an area surrounded by shopping malls and shops.
No pictures of Dongmen street because we were too busy shopping, wahahha. There were LOADS of cheap things. If you're good at haggling, you can walk away with items at half (maybe even 80% less) of the original price. There were also a lot of those makeshift stalls selling random things.

Checked into Shenzhen Holiday Inn! It's a super awesome hotel, they even have a LUX shampoo dispenser ♥

[ Day 4 ]
Complimentary hotel breakfast~
Today's weather was beautiful, it was warm enough that I took my coat off 90% of the time.

First stop of the day: Window of the World.
This wasn't in the original itinerary, so we had to fork out extra for the entry tickets.
Basically it's full of replicas of famous landmarks all over the world.

I'm posting this up because I love the colours.

I think this is London Bridge.
You can't see the sign, but it says 'Do Not Step' :x


They were having some sort of snow & ice exhibition near the snowboarding area, so we went to check it out. Note to self: wear gloves when visiting places with temperatures below 0°C.

The freezing temperature aside, the exhibition was actually kinda cool. There were ice sculptures of Kung Fu Panda :D Plus, there was this ride where you sat on a tire and just slide down an ice ramp. Very, very fun.

Oversized jacket and bad lighting conditions.

Next stop: Splendid China.
More miniature stuff. We didn't spend a very long time here because well, if you were to walk around the entire area, it would take more than 2 hours because it is HUGE. So, we rented one of those buggies to go to the key attractions.

I wanted to go on this train :)
Typical touristy photo.

We went for two shows in Splendid China, the first was some tribe war thingy that involved soldiers and horses. The place smelt like horse poop :s The second show was a cultural show, the troupe is apparently famous in China. It was okay, I took some photos but they're all very blur.
Our last stop was Dongmen Street again. Well, we're shopaholics, there's nothing you can do about it. Bought a lot of things because they were pretty cheap.
End of post~ The weekend has ended, so I'll probably post the last holiday post next Saturday. Bye~

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