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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Day 4 - Your sibling.

So, technically I don't have a sibling. I'm an only child, so my siblings would be my walls (wth).
But I want to write a letter addressed to my sibling anyway, although I know the alternative was your closest relative because I'm insanely interested in writing to a nonexistent person.

Dear sibling (Whatever your name is),

I'm going to assume you're a girl. Not to be sexist, but I can't imagine having a brother, what with the Hot Wheels obsession and the very, very unsettling interest in erm... alternative movie genres. I remember when I was a kid, I dreamt of having a sister to talk to and play  with. I even flicked through name books to find the perfect name for a sister. Well, that sibling did not materialize, so my hopes have been put out. Sad, but things happen.

Anyway. If I had a sister, I bet we would have loads of girly talking sessions. I might even bully you into doing some menial house chores (like washing the dishes, I hate it). I guess we would have our moments and fight a lot, but then again, bak kata pepatah Melayu, carik-carik bulu ayam akhirnya bercantum juga (haha, rojak language much?). I bet we'd be obsessed over K-Pop and fight over the cutest/hottest guys. I would be there for you when you get your heart broken for the first time and then seek out the offender so I can punch him in the face until he could see the faraway galaxy of Andromeda.

I wonder if we would share the same fashion sense, whether we would raid each other's wardrobes or constantly criticize each others' dressing. I wonder if we would have girly sleepovers and watch rom-coms non-stop. I wonder if we would both share the same eating habits. I wonder if you would like spicy food as much as I do. I wonder if you would love stuffed toys and (occasionally) act as childish as me. I wonder if you would go through the torture of braces, like how I'm suffering right now.

However, one thing's for sure. I would love you to bits, no matter how much we fought or yell at each other.

, M.

Okay, end of letter. Isn't it weird how most of the time only childs crave for siblings and those with siblings wish that they were only childs? :)

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