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Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 5 & 6 - Guangzhou, Zhuhai & Macau.

I'm back with the last 2 days of my December trip.
I was supposed to put this up like, last week, but I had a bout of fever and sore throat (which keeps recurring -_-). Okay, on with the post!

[ Day 5 ]

It was yet another relatively warm day. We checked out of the Shenzhen hotel in the morning, took breakfast somewhere I can't remember and off we went to Guangzhou. Guangzhou wasn't initially in the itinerary, we were supposed to go to Zhuhai straight away and spend only half the day sight-seeing and the other half shopping. However, that particular day was the day of the closing ceremony of the Asian Games, so the tour guide suggested visiting Guangzhou to admire the decorations before they were torn down.

The journey there was boring as usual, I tend to sleep a lot on the bus when I'm on tours :s The decorations at Guangzhou were really nice though, most of them were made entirely of flowers.

First stop: Some park which is full of decorations, I don't know the name, so I'm just gonna call it the Asian Games Park.

Main entrance.

They had a lot of these statue thingies dotted all over the park.

According to the tour guide, this is the largest outdoor TV screen in... the whole of China? The world? 
I wasn't paying attention :s

Second stop: Panyu Lotus Hill.

This place was really nice and cooling. It's a religious place, if I'm not wrong. There's a huge gold-plated statue of Guan Yin and a lot of temples/pagodas.


Wishing tree.

The gold-plated statue of Guan Yin.

Lunch passed, we bought roasted sweet potatoes from a street vendor. They tasted awesome
Went to Zhuhai and reached in the late afternoon. There aren't many attractions in Zhuhai, so we only went to the Fisherwoman Statue and took photos.

After that, we had our dinner and went to the Gong Bei Underground Shopping Mall. Like its name, it's a huge underground mall selling everything from food to clothes. We only walked one floor because the tour guide was afraid we would be lost. It was really big and within that one floor, we walked for like 3 hours.
There were loads of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. I found a shop that sold really nice and good quality accessories at low prices :D

 We checked in at Hotel Jumbo Zhuhai. It was okay, but the toilet was smaller than the previous hotels and the room was rather dim.

[ Day 6 ]

Our last day! We got up and checked out with our heavy luggage bags in tow. We were in for a shock, we had to freakin' walk through Gong Bei Underground Shopping Mall with our super heavy bags to get to the immigration checkpoint. By the time we reached the immigration counter, my arms were very, very sore and tired.

When we got out of Immigration, we saw loads of promoters standing along the walkway and trying to lure people  to visit the casinos. There were even special buses that brought you directly to the casino o_o

By the way, I was super excited about our trip to Macau, because in some of the K-dramas I watched (Goong & Boys Over Flowers), they have scenes filmed in Macau and the scenery is really pretty.I'm such a K-drama fanatic, haha.

 Anyway, first stop: Lotus Square.

This was like the Golden Bauhinia Square in Hong Kong (which I visited but forgot to post up pics).
More info from Wikipedia:
The Lotus Square or Golden Lotus Square (Chinese: 金蓮花廣場; Portuguese: A Praça Flor de Lodão) is an open area in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, now a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. The area features the large sculpture of "Lotus Flower In Full Bloom" (Chinese: 盛世蓮花) presented by the State Council of the People's Republic of China in 1999, marks the transfer of the sovereignty of Macau from Portugal to the People's Republic of China.

In front of said lotus flower.

Next stop: St. Paul's Ruins.

This is one of the most famous landmarks in Macau and is similar to Kota A' Famosa in Malacca :D
There were loads of people even though it was a weekday. I assume they're mostly tourists.

See, it's so crowded :(

If you walk down the steps and further out, it's connected to Senado Square.
The patterns on the pavement are really nice. We also passed by a famous alley, but I didn't get clear photos because it was very crowded.

After walking in Senado Square, we went to the observation deck of the Macau Tower to look at the view. It was super nice :D

I found Menara KL on the wall too! :) Malaysian pride yo!

I looove the transparent floor! :D I want something similar in my house, haha.

Funny sign.

They had these bungee jumping activities going on, and I really wanted to try bungee jumping off Macau Tower, but we didn't have enough time :(

We had lunch in some Portuguese-themed restaurant. It was a set meal thing and my mom was like "Oh, they're still the same." Apparently she also had a set meal for her lunch when she visited Macau years and years ago. It was delicious all the same. The funniest thing was when we left the restaurant, there was a sudden blackout. Imagine if we were still in the restaurant, we would have to dine in darkness, haha.

We also visited the A-Ma Temple, but we only took photos at the entrance because most of us opted not to go in. One of the other families on the tour wanted to pray at the temple, so everyone else just lounged about and checked out the shops nearby. We also tried the famous Portuguese egg tarts. They were heavenly.

Next stop, the City of Dreams.

Actually, it's a casino with a lot of expensive, luxury boutiques on the outside. Since there were minors (like me) on the tour, we didn't go into the casino (I briefly considered sneaking in). We just walked around the place, which by the way was very nicely decorated and watched a 3D show.


While waiting for the show to start, my mom and I hung out at McD's. Their food is significantly much more expensive than the McD's in Malaysia, so we couldn't bring ourselves to fork out money for a burger.
One thing that was different about this McD's though, was that they had a cafe subunit, called McCafe. It's like Starbucks and the price was quite reasonable, so we bought milkshakes.

The ticket for the 3D show.

The show was okay, it was kind of interesting to see their lighting effects and the CGI.

Computer generated tiger.

Our last stop was The Venetian, which was located just behind the City of Dreams, so we walked there. I think all the casinos in Macau are located in the same district, because I saw a lot of other casinos nearby too.

On the way there.

At this point, I became really really excited because Boys Over Flowers filmed here! I couldn't wait to walk in The Venetian and see the same scenes. -kdrama freak mode-

In the grand foyer!

The Venetian was pretty much like the previous casino, except it was more grand and beautiful. Seriously, I couldn't stop admiring the decorations. Everything looked so pretty *_* We didn't have much time though, so we practically rushed through the entire place.

Our flight was at about 9.30pm, so we checked in our luggage at the MFM Airport at 7.30pm and waited for 2 hours before boarding the AirAsia flight home.

Last shot of Macau.

Ah, we've reached the end of this blogpost!

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