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Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Tale of a Girl and a pair of Bubble Flops.

Currently listening to : Ma Boy by SISTAR 19.

Very random post today, but I don't care :S

So, the story behind the pair of slippers I'm holding in the photo above goes like this :
One day last year, I was window shopping in Jusco with my mom and found this pair of slippers. It looked pretty wacky, so I tried it on nevertheless. My mom asked me whether I wanted to buy it, but I shook my head because I felt that it would be very attention-grabbing if I wore a pair of bubble flops in public. Plus, my older pair of flip-flops were still in good condition. I liked the white-coloured pair better though.

I saw the same pair again around March. I tried it on and still thought it would look ridiculous. The bubble flops were put back on to the shelf.

The other day, my mom came back from the Jusco members' sale, happily clutching a plastic bag with unknown contents. Of course, my curiosity sparked and I demanded to know what she had bought. With the most enthusiasm ever, she whipped out this pair of yellow slippers wrapped in plastic.

My first thought was "Holy crap. It's  YELLOW." Attention-grabbing much? Haha. But after trying it on again, I decided that I look pretty alright in it, so I kept it.

And such is the story of me and a pair of yellow bubble flops.
Thanks for reading this utter trash, hahahaha.

No lah, actually this is just a filler post :D
Will do the post on Karnival Kokurikulum soon.

So, I'm not the only one who has weird bubble flops! Look, Yo Seob wears them too! Plus a ton of other K-Pop celebs.

More K-pop celebs wearing bubble flops HERE.
Now I feel a bit more proud about having a pair of strange-looking flip flops, haha.

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