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Friday, September 16, 2011


SO. Apparently I'm really popular around here (pfft.) I privatized my blog about 2 weeks ago and so far, about 3 people have asked me what happened to my blog, haha. Wow, people actually miss me :D I'm honored!

This is the reason for the recent blog privatization:

Yes, my life is miserable right now. Huhuhu T_T
Currently, I'm like a zombie that eats, poops and studies 24/7.
I've been abusing my friends constantly because that's the way I release my stress, haha (and no, I'm not promoting violence okay).
Also, am I the only one who gets hungry while doing an exam paper?  I could hear my tummy rumbling when I was doing the Add. Maths paper (o_o")
Kthxbai. I have 3 more subjects & 7 more papers to sit for before I can rest my derriere comfortably and do somewhat proper blogging. 

p.s. and oh yeah, Happy Birthday Malaysia! :D