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Thursday, November 17, 2011

First week of SPM.


One week of SPM has passed, and I'm just chillin' here for a while before I return to my studies.

Bahasa Melayu.
First day of examinations! We were all really tense and nervous, but that feeling went off after a few minutes.

Paper 1 - Rather fun. There's nothing like writing to soothe one's spirit. The first essay's topic - 'Faedah-faedah Belajar Secara Berkumpulan' - is a little weird, but doable. For the second essay, I picked the one that has to do with the family's role in overcoming social problems.
Paper 2 - was okay... except for that stupid 'cepumas' word! Seriously, I was stumped when I saw that word.

Paper 1 - Good! Writing was fun, I picked the discussion/argumentative essay for the continuous writing.
Paper 2 - We expected something easier to come out for novel, like characters or themes but nahhh. It was still doable anyway. I think 90% of us chose to write about Claudia's story, hahaha.

Seriously, Sejarah is freaking stressful. We were all panicking before the papers because there was so much to revise.

Paper 1 - I found this okay. Maybe because it was all objective questions?
Paper 2 - Shocker of the day. When I was doing this paper, my face's expression changed from this --> @_@ to THIS --> O_O. More than half the paper consisted of KBKK questions. The 3rd structured question only had one fact-related answer, and even so that was just the title of the song.

Modern Maths.
My favourite subject, yay! (Ok la, it's mainly because it doesn't involve ANY memorizing.)

Paper 1 - Meh, normal degree of difficulty.
Paper 2 - This was fine as well. Spent an age on the graph because my graph-drawing skills are terrible. 

Sidenote: Am I the only one who doesn't feel like it's SPM? It feels exactly like trials. Even the invigilators resemble my school teachers o_o"

Random but we got our yearbooks today! I feel so proud, seeing all my contributions in the yearbook :D I'll definitely miss Ed. Board

Okay, I need to go. I have to finish revising Moral and all the science subjects. Bye!

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