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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Second Week of SPM.

Before I start my post today, I need to plug my new favourite song - Bad by Tablo. Do give it a listen! :)


On with the post.

The second week of SPM is officially over!!!! \m/

I could hardly sleep the night before due to my wonderful nose block, so I was thankful that Moral was the only paper for the whole day. It was okay, as usual. I hope I answered the 'Pembangunan Insan' question correctly. My sickness worsened during the examination and I seriously could not stop coughing every few seconds. Thank God we had no papers the next day.

Additional Mathematics.
Paper 1 - Usual. I was shocked when I saw the last question because it was... different. Binomial distribution instead of normal distribution. Overall the paper was pretty standard.
Paper 2 - I found this alright too. The only surprise (I think) was in Section A, Question 2. According to my Add. Maths teacher, this is the first year that logarithms appeared in Paper 2.

This was the first science subject of SPM and I was reeeeeeeeally nervous.

Paper 1 - Usual. However, I did not expect the X-OR logic gate to come out, because it is *supposedly* removed from the syllabus, but I learnt it in tuition anyway.
Paper 2 - Strangely easier than usual but I am going to say it's normal because I don't want to jinx it. I answered both questions in Section B and the radioactivity question in Section C.

Sidenote: This is easily the most hilarious paper so far. It suddenly became really windy and our room's doors kept banging repeatedly. The first time it happened, a few of us made mistakes in our writing because we jumped out of our skins. Every single time the door was going to make a huge bang, our invigilator ran towards it in an attempt to stop it. So funny and cute. 

I wasn't paying attention but according to my friends, the wind also blew the curtains into the room and hit the light fixture above Bryan. They said it looked like a scene from Final Destination, haha.

Paper 3 - Everything was fine until I flipped to Section B. Holy freaking cow. Now I know why Paper 2 was easier than usual. I had no idea what they were talking about in the first option, so I did the second option. Thank God Physics allows us to choose for the experiments. I hope this doesn't happen for Chemistry and Biology too. *touch wood*

Alright, end of post. Just 3 more subjects to go! Gambateh~ :D

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