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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Gingerbread house courtesy of Kay-E.

I hope all of you are having an awesome Christmas!
I'm one happy camper today because I got wonderful Christmas presents. A big fat thank you to all of you who gave me presents! :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Currently listening to: Rumour Has It by Adele.

I'm finally back with updates! I know, I know, I've gone MIA more than a few times this holidays. Well, it's the last high school holiday I have, so I've gotta enjoy it to the maximum, right?

So here's what I've been up to for the past two weeks or so.

1. Cleaned my room.

Look, it sparkles!

I feel so proud of my room now, haha. And yeah, I kept a few of my SPM reference books because I heard I might need them for A-Levels. I've even separated my storybooks according to their colours (OCD much?).

2. Driving lessons.

The undang book and my red card.

I went for the 5 hour undang ceramah with Ivy, Xi Men and Kay-E. We saw so many familiar faces there, haha. The ceramah was okay, it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. After that, I went for the undang test with Ivy (it was a last minute decision). We waited for 5 hours at the testing center, my god T_T Moral of the story: go there super early if you want to avoid waiting.

I passed the test, so two days later I went for the theory session and I just got a call from the driving school auntie that my L license is ready. Wahahahah. I can't wait to start driving *rubs hands in glee*

3. Outings.

I only went out a couple of times, mainly because I don't have transport (read: I'm afraid that I'll disturb my parents if I ask them for a lift).

Here are the photos from the last outing I was on with Ivy and Siew Yuan. Ivy and I sat for our undang test together last Friday, so we managed to get a cab and got ourselves to the Maluri LRT station. From there, we took the train to Bandaraya and switched to KTM, where we caught up with Siew Yuan (and her brother). KTM's train was super super slow, so we dawdled for more than 15 minutes. After what seemed like eons, the train to Mid Valley arrived and off we went. Mind you, the train was super squashed. But overall, my first Malaysian train experience as a teenager (FYI: The last time I used the train was 4 years ago, in Japan) went pretty well :D

 Ate here. 

We wanted to try the Korean Barbeque, but we were broke. So, we settled for the usual a la carte meals. I chose a soybean paste soup, while Ivy had bibimbap and Siew Yuan ate some kimchi noodle thingy.

Ivy and I ♥

In the cinema. Sorry, it's blur.

Since we got there quite late (about 5pm), we settled for Arthur Christmas at 7.25pm. The movie was hilarious, I don't think I've laughed so much in the cinema. Oh, and now 'Silent Night' keeps resonating in my head, haha.

4. Attended a Christmas Musical.

The invitation card thingy.

This was held at my church, so I went with my parents. It was really nice and flawless. The singing was awesome (Y) I was really amazed by the performers.

5. Shopping.

I did a lot of shopping, and I seriously mean A LOT. I bought college clothes, shoes and accessories. I'm just lacking a bag for college at the moment, I'll have to hunt for one this weekend.

I also got myself some beauty stuff :

Nail polishes from The Face Shop & Elianto + Eye brightening patches from Elianto.

Elianto's having a Christmas promotion at the moment. The set of 4 nail polishes is priced at only RM 10. That's RM 2.50 for one, it's such a bargain! So, if you haven't got them already, do consider buying the nail polish set. The Face Shop's one was about RM 5.30, I think? They were having a 10% discount.

... and I bought the eye patches in an attempt to get rid of my dark circles, whattheheck. Yeah, dream on, Michelle.

Close-ups and colour codes.

6. Music classes.

Oh my god, I missed my music classes so much! I had to stop them temporarily for SPM, but now that it's over, I can now resume learning. I even downloaded a bunch of music sheets to learn on my own :D Whee~~


So, that's all I've been up to, haha. I also watched a few dramas, but I intend to review them in another post, so stay tuned.

And I nearly forgot to mention that I am currently taking dance classes. Can you guess which dance? :)

Monday, December 19, 2011


(via yepppo)

Happy Birthday, Jun Hyung oppa!

생일 축하 해요~

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some stuff.

The other day, I stumbled upon a few random photos which I haven't blogged about. They don't fit into any blog entry on their own, so I thought I'd make an entry just about them.

So yes, it's going to be a short, brainless filler post before I blog about graduation.

 Ticket + Autographed CD ♥

I went for the 3rd Wave Music Rally at FGA KL on the 8th of October (yeah, as if you can't see from the picture above -_-) with Ivy, Siew Yuan and Chi Shein. It was AWESOME, really. At the end of the concert/rally, we got to shake hands and interact with Alexander, Brian Joo and Pastor Johnny while they signed our albums. I was so starstruck that I couldn't even think of what to say to them, haha.

We wanted to be the last so that we could get a picture with them, but luck wasn't on our side. A few other girls outsmarted us *sigh*

Japanese jellybeans ♥

My gay love got these awesomesauce jellybeans for me even though I was suffering from severe cough during the second week of SPM. Every time I took my yucky cough medicine, I would eat a few of these to counter the bitterness. And apparently, there's a hidden jellybean in the shape of a heart, but I suspect I ate it without checking the shape beforehand, haha. I♥YOU AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH, XI MEN.

Memories ♥

I finally got my school sweater on the 30th of December! It's soft and cuddly, ideal for rainy and cold weather! I super super super love it. In my opinion, it's worth every single penny.

 Blue and purple nails.

Did these nails before SPM. This was the first time I didn't make a mess when painting my nails (I really suck at painting nails). Success! :D

Holiday companions.

I had a RM 100 MPH voucher, so I bought these. I finished 'Something Borrowed' by Emily Griffin in the span of less than two days though -_-" And I just finished 'The Night Before Christmas' by Scarlett Bailey yesterday after neglecting it for nearly a week so that I wouldn't finish everything so soon. Seems like I'll have to make another trip to the bookstore soon. Sigh.


Friday, December 09, 2011

111008 Editorial Board Farewell.

Date : 8th October 2011.
Venue: Sultani Restaurant, Flamingo Hotel.

God, look at the date, I am 2 months late -_-" I really need to start being regular when it comes to updating my blog.

Moving on.

The invitation card.

I remember that traffic was horrendous that day, and nearly everybody was late. When I got there, I could see Lynette, Siew Yuan and Cheng Kuan. Later on, the other Form 5s trickled in. The juniors (other than Audrey and Mae Vonne) decided not to come due to exams.

(l-r) Tess and Shal; With Vanessa.

We wanted to wait for the principal to arrive, but we were way too hungry. So we dove headfirst for the food. Being a buffet, there was LOTS of food, from soups to pasta (even though it's some sort of Iranian restaurant). I was STUFFED. The teachers tried to make us eat more food, but we really couldn't take it anymore.

Cue: pictures time!

With le Ed Board buddies :D

With our teacher advisor, Puan Ruzila ♥

Group picture!

Sadly, not all the Form 5s in Ed. Board came. Nevertheless, it was a memorable day. I know I've said this before, but I will miss all those days of rushing assignments and that inexplicable feeling of happiness and pride when you finally see your work in print. :D

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Last Day of SPM.

'Sup readers.
Yeah, I should have blogged 3 days ago, but my Internet connection decided that it was high time to commit suicide. Anyway, on to the main contents.

They should have scheduled the Accounts paper earlier, because I felt really odd to wake up at about 7 and put on my school uniform for the very last time. My mother even asked me why on Earth was I dressing for school when we were only leaving the house at 10am. But naaaah, I wanted to wear my school uniform for a few hours longer simply because it was the last day I would be wearing the distinctive blue-coloured pinafore.

At school, all of us were really restless because we could practically smell the freedom.There were only 14 of us in a class, on the top floor. So lonely :(


Paper 1 - Found this quite easy, maybe it was due to the crazy amount of trial papers my tuition teacher bombarded us with ;_;
Paper 2 - Surprisingly, Kelab dan Persatuan and Kos Pengeluaran did not come out. The questions were pretty straightforward, the second question (Perkongsian) was freakin' long though. Nevertheless, I am pretty glad, because I managed to balance my accounts :D

Right after the invigilator took our answer sheets, we started screaming like crazy people. Rahul shouted something along the lines of "SPM IS OVER!!!" Hahahaha.

So you guys must be wondering how has my 3 days of life after SPM been. I hate to disappoint you guys, but it has been boring as heck. For one, I had no Internet connection whatsoever so the only source of entertainment I had was my phone -_-" I spent 3 days clearing out my books and whatever papers as well as generally tidying my room. I did however, manage to edit a few photos from recent events which I have not blogged about, so at least I managed to prepare a few blog posts.

Someone, please, just ask me out for a movie already before I die of boredom :(


Thursday, December 01, 2011

Third Week of SPM.

NINE subjects down, ONE more to go! :D
Ohmaigosh I can't wait for the end of SPM~~

Here's the recap for the past week of examinations.

Paper 1 - Sorta easy.
Paper 2 - Exactly like Physics Paper 2, it was easy-moderate. I did both essay questions (Manufactured Substances in Industry & Chemicals for Consumers) in Section B and the last question (Chemical Bonds & Acids and Bases) in Section C.
Paper 3 - The insoluble salt experiment was a real shocker. Luckily, Shalini the psychic predicted that the experiment will come out, so we all rushed to memorize it. Thank God for Shal's sudden insight 8)


I hope I get an A for this subject, I studied really hard T_T *crosses fingers*

This day marked the last day of SPM for most of the Science stream students. When I arrived at school, everyone (excluding those sitting for additional subjects) was so hyper at the prospect of being free in less than 9 hours.

Paper 1 - Easy-ish. Five people left the room early, and I was so tempted to follow them. But I didn't and stayed to keep rechecking my answers.
Paper 2 - If I were to rate this paper on the scale of difficulty, I would give it a 7/8. Essays were okay, I think I did better than trials. I chose to answer the first choice (Reproduction and Growth) and the last choice (Endangered Ecosystem). The structured questions however, were a bit jumbled up and weird. For example, they mixed homeostasis - regulation of blood glucose level - with cell organisation.
Paper 3 - Easier than Paper 2, definitely. The experiment that came out was the effect of light intensity on rate of transpiration in Hibiscus sp.

At 3.30pm on the dot, I could actually hear people screaming and celebrating from the floor above. I would've joined in, but I still have Accounts to sit for. *sigh*

Alright, I have Accounts left, so I have to go study. FOUR MORE DAYS, BABY!