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Friday, December 09, 2011

111008 Editorial Board Farewell.

Date : 8th October 2011.
Venue: Sultani Restaurant, Flamingo Hotel.

God, look at the date, I am 2 months late -_-" I really need to start being regular when it comes to updating my blog.

Moving on.

The invitation card.

I remember that traffic was horrendous that day, and nearly everybody was late. When I got there, I could see Lynette, Siew Yuan and Cheng Kuan. Later on, the other Form 5s trickled in. The juniors (other than Audrey and Mae Vonne) decided not to come due to exams.

(l-r) Tess and Shal; With Vanessa.

We wanted to wait for the principal to arrive, but we were way too hungry. So we dove headfirst for the food. Being a buffet, there was LOTS of food, from soups to pasta (even though it's some sort of Iranian restaurant). I was STUFFED. The teachers tried to make us eat more food, but we really couldn't take it anymore.

Cue: pictures time!

With le Ed Board buddies :D

With our teacher advisor, Puan Ruzila ♥

Group picture!

Sadly, not all the Form 5s in Ed. Board came. Nevertheless, it was a memorable day. I know I've said this before, but I will miss all those days of rushing assignments and that inexplicable feeling of happiness and pride when you finally see your work in print. :D

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