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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Third Week of SPM.

NINE subjects down, ONE more to go! :D
Ohmaigosh I can't wait for the end of SPM~~

Here's the recap for the past week of examinations.

Paper 1 - Sorta easy.
Paper 2 - Exactly like Physics Paper 2, it was easy-moderate. I did both essay questions (Manufactured Substances in Industry & Chemicals for Consumers) in Section B and the last question (Chemical Bonds & Acids and Bases) in Section C.
Paper 3 - The insoluble salt experiment was a real shocker. Luckily, Shalini the psychic predicted that the experiment will come out, so we all rushed to memorize it. Thank God for Shal's sudden insight 8)


I hope I get an A for this subject, I studied really hard T_T *crosses fingers*

This day marked the last day of SPM for most of the Science stream students. When I arrived at school, everyone (excluding those sitting for additional subjects) was so hyper at the prospect of being free in less than 9 hours.

Paper 1 - Easy-ish. Five people left the room early, and I was so tempted to follow them. But I didn't and stayed to keep rechecking my answers.
Paper 2 - If I were to rate this paper on the scale of difficulty, I would give it a 7/8. Essays were okay, I think I did better than trials. I chose to answer the first choice (Reproduction and Growth) and the last choice (Endangered Ecosystem). The structured questions however, were a bit jumbled up and weird. For example, they mixed homeostasis - regulation of blood glucose level - with cell organisation.
Paper 3 - Easier than Paper 2, definitely. The experiment that came out was the effect of light intensity on rate of transpiration in Hibiscus sp.

At 3.30pm on the dot, I could actually hear people screaming and celebrating from the floor above. I would've joined in, but I still have Accounts to sit for. *sigh*

Alright, I have Accounts left, so I have to go study. FOUR MORE DAYS, BABY!

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