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Monday, January 02, 2012

Looking Back.

First post of the new year! :D

Remember my recap of 2010 last year? Now I'm gonna make a similar recap for 2011. Gosh, time does pass fast.

If I have to put it in simple words, 2011 was pretty good to me. It wasn't as much of a roller coaster as 2010 was, instead I'd describe it as smooth-sailing (minus all the stress for SPM, duh). I didn't really attend many events because I was being my nerdy, recluse-like self, so this recap is definitely not gonna be as interesting as 2010's, sorry! :(


Chocolate-making workshop.
  • Elected as vice secretary of Badminton Club, AJK Papan Kenyataan of Cooke House and promoted to secretary of the Science and Mathematics Club. Also attended my first Editorial Board meeting.
  • Attended a chocolate-making workshop organised by Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia mainly because of the amount of co-curricular points (we realised their importance only in our senior year), but it turned out to be fun. Now I can say I can make chocolate :)
  • Joined the celibacy club (brownie points for you if you understood what I'm talking about :D).


CNY stuff.
  • Celebrated Chinese New Year as usual with my family.
  • Survived Intervensi 1 and got an A for Biology. Yeah, it's so rare for me to get an A in Biology that I actually feel the need to record this as a highlight T_T


 At Pavilion.

  • Went out with friends and watched possibly the most disturbing movie ever *coughBlackSwancough*
  • The horrific tsunami and earthquake disaster hit Japan, and a huge nuclear problem ensued. I know this is a weird event to include, but this affects me as well because I have a host family in Tokyo. Thank goodness they're safe and sound.
  • Witnessed a supermoon.
  • Reality finally hit me hard and I could feel the pressure when last year's SPM results were released.
  • First and last time attending so many (6, to be exact. I counted.) yearbook photoshoots for all the different clubs I'm in.


 Our poster. Yes, I ruined it on purpose by adding my blog URL there so that no one can steal it.
  • Went for a poster design competition with Siew Yuan.
  • Went for an accounts competition in Taylor's.


At the OiC Camp in Taylor's Lakeside Campus.
  • Worked my ass off for Thinkquest. Eventhough we didn't win, we walked away with experience and new directing/filming/editing skills.
  • Attended the OiC Camp at Taylor's and had loads of fun. 


My last Co-curricular Carnival.
  • Extracted my wisdom teeth.
  • Started the 30 Day Letter Challenge... and more than half a year later, I am still not done. Procrastination ftw.
  • Went for Spell-It-Right for the 2nd year in a row.
  • Had fun at the school's annual (and my last) Co-curricular Carnival


We're cool like that.
  • Erm, my birthday is in August.
  • Showed the SBU spirit in Martin by wearing red.


No photos whatsoever T_T
  • Survived SPM trials.
  • I think I went for college interviews during this month. Taylor's, Sunway and HELP. I turned down all their offers though *guilty*
  • Locked myself in my room for the whole month because of the exams, so basically my social life died a slow and painful death.


Editorial Board farewell, graduation & Martin seminar.
  • It was the last month before SPM, so I went on a hiatus from blogging.
  • Attended the Editorial Board farewell.
  • Graduated from secondary school (but still had to attend school, jeez).
  • Stepped foot in Martin for the very last time.


Again, no photos.
  • Time became very, very important. Studying became my top priority and revision books were my best friends, wth.
  • SPM commenced on the 14th. Everything else is insignificant.


At Lynette's surprise farewell party.
  • After 11 months (not counting last year) of solid hard work, I finally savoured the sweet taste of freedom and enjoyed the option to slack.
  • Went out multiple times. 
  • Started out on my journey towards complete independence. I'm talking about driving lessons.
  • Attended Lynette's surprise farewell party (which I have yet to write a post about).
  • Went for a Christmas musical.
So, that pretty much summed up my 2011. May 2012 bring better times :D New Year resolutions are gonna be in another post because I'm too tired to continue (I'm typing this at 2.30am). Toodles! :)

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