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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

120225 Orientation Ball.

Date: 25th February 2012
Venue: J.W. Marriott Hotel, KL.

This orientation ball was an exciting affair for all of us (especially us girls because you know... we had to find dresses and so on. Such a hassle. Let's not even broach the topic of makeup -_-). It felt exactly like prom, and I didn't go to my own high school prom (which coincidentally, was held at the same hotel), so excuse my jakun-ness :D

Yi May brought along her DSLR, so I kinda abducted it, hehe. And that explains why there are such high quality photos.

Random pre-ball stuff.

 Group shots.

We SBU-ians (Shal, Ivy, Priya, Niren, Rahul and I) sat at the same table with a couple of Niren's AUSMAT friends and Yi May. So we sort of knew each other and the atmosphere wasn't as awkward as we'd feared. Sort of.

Performances of the night.

I feel like MCKL has so many talented people who can play musical instruments/sing/dance. The winner of the night was this band who performed (if I'm not wrong) One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful and Shakira's Waka Waka using common household items like pails, glass bottles etc. So cool.

Soooo many photos with lovely people ♥

Towards the end of the ball, the dance floor was opened and we all got to dance. It was awkward in the beginning because all the slow songs were playing and there were only couples slow-dancing. Then the fast songs came on and everyone let their hair down. Like Shal exclaimed, "I never knew MCKL people were so crazy (in a good way, of course)!" Also, I've never seen Rahul and Niren party so hard, hahah.

Alright, abrupt end of post, as usual. I had a wonderful time, and yet another awesome memory to cherish :)

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