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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

120406 Meet-up with Leo.

So, I first met Leo at the NSCFL camp back in 2009, after PMR. And three years later, we met up again when he came to KL for some debate competition. If you're reading this, Leo, it was nice to see you again! :D

Okay pictures.

Ivy and I met up with Leo (who was unrecognisable with his near-bald head, a side-effect of National Service *cough*) at Pavilion, then we had a last-minute change of plan (thanks to Kim -.-) and walked all the way to Times Square. Luckily it wasn't that far.

So, we met up with Kim and went for lunch at some Japanese restaurant, where Kim and Leo had a few bromance moments.

Food food food food

With lunch out of the way, we went to watch Street Dance 2, which was... meh. Typical storyline of guy falling for girl, something happens that separates them, then they get back together at the end of the movie. I actually felt bored during the movie ._.

When the movie finished, we went to camwhore take memorable pictures.

All in all, it was awesome.


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